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Another excellent hardware project helped by a Kickstarter campaign. Introducing Arpeggio...


Arpeggio : Portable Arpeggiator

Another excellent hardware project helped by a Kickstarter campaign.

Introducing Arpeggio

Arpeggio is an instrument focused on letting you easily create, save, and perform melodies. It is inspired in part by the idea of an arpeggiator: a feature found on some synthesizers which instantly creates looping sequences of notes selected from the keyboard in real time. We expanded on this concept and created a completely new musical instrument designed to give you the freedom to create melodies with nuance and distinction.

Improvise, compose, perform.

The notes you select from the one octave keyboard instantly create a looping sequence. Unlike a step sequencer, Arpeggio does not limit you to a set number of notes in your sequence. Add rests into your melody and adjust note lengths, tempo, octave, portamento, and swing.
Save your melodic phrases as they are created into one of 512 memory banks. They can be chained together to create more complex melodies.

Simply inspiring.

There are no screens or menus. All controls are at your fingertips. With an interface so simple, you can let your intuition take over. Arpeggio gives you total control and instant feedback. It’s a blank sketchpad for melodies.

Arpeggio anywhere.

Arpeggio is equally at home on stage, in the studio, or on the couch. With an editable 2-oscillator virtual analog synthesizer, a built-in speaker, and battery power, you can make melodies wherever inspiration strikes.

Plays well with others.

Arpeggio is an amazing instrument all on its own, but its expansive I/O makes it a powerful companion for your other electronic instruments. Add an arpeggiator to any synth. Connect a larger external MIDI keyboard and record a full chord’s worth of notes into arpeggio instantly. Expand your sonic palette by using it as a sequencer to control other synthesizers and sound modules. Sync it up to external clock sources for integration with drum machines, samplers, iOS devices and computers. Use one arpeggio for the bass line and another for the lead. Play one with each hand.


A one octave keyboard from low C to a high B is where you’ll play the notes to create your own melodic sequences. Turn the octave knob to shift the pitch of the keyboard up and down to play any note you want.


Instantly loop sequences. Choose from up, up-down, down, down-up, sequence, and random modes. The play button starts and stops arpeggio.


Arpeggio has 512 banks for saving and instantly accessing user created sequences. Sequences can be chained together for seamless experimentation and composition. These 512 sequence banks are organized into 3 tiers (sets, songs, and sequences) with 8 banks each. There are 8 sets at the top level. Each set holds 8 songs and each song holds 8 sequences. Sets, songs, and sequences can also be copied, pasted, and deleted.


Sequences are created and saved on the fly. You can create a sequence and then save it to a bank while it’s playing. Individual steps in a sequence can be of different note lengths instead of just gate length. Like an arpeggiator, the sequence length expands as notes are added. You can link melodic sequences together, add rest notes, and delete notes in real time. Melodies can be up to 128 notes long. Scrub through your sequence to delete any note, add slides and adjust swing to create the exact melody you want.


In transpose mode, the currently playing sequence can be shifted up and down by selecting a note from the built in one octave keyboard or by playing a note on an external MIDI controller. It can be transposed by a whole octave by turning the octave knob.

Synthesizer + Overlay

Arpeggio contains a monophonic two oscillator virtual analog synthesizer. Turn the voice knob to cycle through different sounds and adjust shape, attack and portamento. Dive deeper using the synthesizer overlay and completely customize all synth parameters to create and save your own sounds.

More informations :

Arpeggio at Kickstarter

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