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A multifonctions tool for your Eurorack modular synthesiser. The Ultimate Utility Module The...


DATA - Multifonctions Tool for Eurorack

A multifonctions tool for your Eurorack modular synthesiser.

The Ultimate Utility Module

The DATA is a digital platform for testing, measurement, and signal generation in Eurorack modular synthesis systems. It is a modular tool kit, with functions applicable to any system and style.

Use the DATA’s scope to view the interactions between your control voltages and audio signals, allowing you to master your modules by understanding their voltage ranges, control shapes, and parameter responses. Use the DATA’s dual waveform generator to dial in a precisely scaled LFO for CV control, or use the waveform’s frequency “note mode” to effortlessly make dyads (two note chords). Use the DATA’s clock program as a master clock or to divide or multiply an incoming clock signal, sending two different clock outs to gate modules directly or as control to sequencers.

The possibilities of the DATA are basically unlimited; with the included microSD you can update the DATA’s firmware and we can continue to refine and create new programs.

The Many Forms of DATA

The DATA will be shipping with the 7 following functions, as seen in the demo video:

4 Channel Oscilloscope
Monitor four independent CV or audio channels
Selectable voltage scale, position, AC/DC coupling, and visibility
Trigger from any channel, with full scale, user-selectable trigger level
Time scale ranges from 50µS to 5 seconds per grid square (total range of 600µS to 1 minute of signal across the screen)
X (time) and Y (voltage) measurement cursors with difference display, allowing for simple measurement and windowing of any input signal

Measure the precise frequency of any of the 4 incoming signals with a large frequency display
The tuning display shows your distance from the closest note graphically and as a frequency number
Nearest note is automatically detected and changes while you tune

Voltage Monitor & Source
4 channel input display with real-time voltage readout, a simple CV scope
2 channel manual gate source; hit the bottom buttons one and two for a 0-5V gate out of the CLOCK/GATE outputs 1 & 2 respectively.
2 channel selectable voltage source; dial in -5 to +5 CV values and they are constantly output from the WAVE/CV outputs 1 & 2

Dual Waveform Generator
Two independent oscillator channels, with control over frequency, phase, amplitude and offset (wave center)
Current waveforms: sine, square, saw, triangle, with waveform output display per channel
Frequency range: 4kHz down to 0.01Hz, selected per numeral for quick, precise value input
“Note Mode” frequency selection available independently for either oscillator
CV assignable control over frequency (1V/Octave) and amplitude (digital VCA)
Flexible CV control routing; any of the four input jacks can be freely assigned to any destination, with per destination attenuation (percent value)

Dual Clock Source with Clock Division & Multiplication
“External Sync” or “Internal Clock” modes; use it as a precise and stable master clock, or as a clock processor sync’d to an external clock source
Dual clock outputs, each can be a ratio of the main clock (internal/external), current div/mult values: x32, x24, x16, x12, x8, x6, x4, x3, x2, 1:1, /2, /3, /4, /5, /6, /8, /12, /16, /24, /32
Beat offset shift for each clock pulse, +/- 96 steps
Clock display bars show the beats of the main clock and two output clocks relative to each other; shift the offset or change the ratio and the pulses positions change in real-time
Pulse Per Quarter Note (PPQN) of the external clock signal user selectable from 1 to 24, allowing for sync’ing to a range of sources (and for further changing your output ratios if used creatively!)
Input jacks 1 & 2 act as “Clock Sync” and “Reset” inputs while in “External Sync” mode and as “CV BPM control” and “Reset” while in “Internal Clock” mode
Input jacks 3 & 4 are user-assignable CV input sources, which can be assigned to control either of the output clock’s div/mult values and offsets, with selectable attenuation per destination

Spectral Analyzer (single-FFT)
Display the current harmonic content of any of the 4 incoming signals
User-selectable filter window (Square/None, Hann, Bartlett)
Peak frequency bin readout shows you frequency range of the first harmonic (fundamental frequency) in the signal

Spectrograph (multi-FFT)
Display the harmonic content of any of the 4 incoming signals over time
Each column of pixels along the X axis is one frame of the Spectral Analyzer’s display.
User-selectable filter window (Square/None, Hann, Bartlett)
Controls for display clear and run/stop

More informations :

DATA at Mordax Systems

Waveform Loaded
Waveform Played
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