Ominous and divined, with temperament and wisdom.

Thou Serpent Continuum is the continuing saga of The Serpent.

A parallel universe with a completely new structure and behavior for which each and every sound of The Serpent has been remodeled and nurtured by soloing each oscillator and signal path to re-sculpt and design new sounds, shapes and timbres.

Thou Serpent Continuum contains 145 dark atmospheres, multitrack sequences, drones, creepy soundscapes, thrilling rhythm beds, evolving pads, synth leads and bass sounds from both beauty and damnation.
All of the sounds are designed to enthrall instantly and, with innovative assignments of each macro knob they also enable an enormous range of possible variations.

  • 145 ominous and divined sounds.
  • Detailed documentation with descriptions of each preset, all macro assignments and, examples of variations were applicable.
  • Massive 1.4 required.

Mikael Adle
Leap Into The Void

Note: All sounds in the demo come from the soundset with no fx but a small amount of limiter on the output.