Organic expression and the mystique.

Enchantment Of Absynth Vol. 1 is about organic expression.

Soundscapes that evolve like they have a life of their own. Lead sounds that sense and react to every little nuance of your playing. Bass sounds that will bite anything, should you want them to.

You’ll find evolving pads, tempo-synced soundscapes, darkness, percussive sounds, synthetic physical models of acoustic instruments yet to be invented and more.

Suited for anything organic, be it electronica, film music, dark ambient, contemporary art-music, progressive rock, minimalism, metal, jazz, pop, games production, drum & bass, etc.

  • 110 organic sounds
  • Velocity assignments for ultimate live expression
  • Carefully assigned macro faders
  • Complete library is based on wavetables so, no samples used

Note: All sounds from the demo comes from the library