Bundle Of Divined Darkness.
Four Leap Into The Void Massive sound sets bundled at a fraction of the individual price.
503 soundscapes, pads, scary sounds, bass, leads, keys, tempo-synced sequences, otherworldly atmospheres and more.

Darker Than Dark Within Bloom focuses on dark evolving soundscapes, pads, pulsating doom and ominous sequences. The library also contains thunderous sequenced drums from the underworld, organs, sequenced soundscapes, bass sounds, scary sounds, beautiful sounds and leads.

Knowledge Of The Hidden is best described as an evolving candlemass of mystiscism that brings forth sounds from the deepest depths of the underworlds of magnetic organic tempo-synced soundscapes, self generative chants of evil and otherworldly atmospheres morphable to complete distinction.

The Serpent for Massive focuses on dark, suggestive, industrial, cinematic soundscapes and pads with an infinite amount of layers were every sound is a world on it’s own. The library also contains bass, bells, sequenced sounds, fx sounds, beautiful angelic pads and leads to a smaller extent for completeness.

Thou Serpent Continuum is a remodeled and nurtured version of The Serpent where each oscillator and signal path has been soloed and carefully brought into completely new sounds.
The outcome is a parallel universe with a completely new structure and behavior that is linked by sharing a vision and one or several settings.

Note: All sounds heard in the demo come from the included sounds with no fx used but a small amount of limiter on the output.

Mikael Adle
Leap Into The Void