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ADSR Drum Machine Synthwave Edition.

Synthwave edition includes 10 extra Kits packed with 160 patterns and 200 samples

Available for Mac and Windows as Standalone, AU and VST3
* Trial does not include the synthwave expansion

A powerful Drum Machine for Synthwave producers

Take full control of your sound

Intuitive interface - colour-coded, 3-tab design with visual programming

Easy Pad Assignment - drag & drop, select via browser or throw the dice

Midi Input : Omni channels, Preset notes, movable base octave

Per pad pitch tuning with visual spectral tuner

3 stage envelope (Transient - Hold - Decay) tuned for drums and percussion

4 choke groups

Split pads - process separate transient & body channels each with custom FX lane

3 Band Parametric EQ


Low Pass, Band Pass, High Pass Filter



Customisable FX Module Panel

Up to 16 Patterns/4 Pages per Lane

Quickly Build Sequences in Global View

Focused per Lane View

Per-Step Settings: Velocity, Repeat, Roll & Randomize

Per-Channel Settings: Time Resolution, Play Direction

Polyrhythm & Swing/Shuffle

Split & Bus All Pads

Mute, Solo, Pan, Level, Output Assign

Sends (Delay / Reverb)

4 Fixed Group Bus Channels

2 Send Channels

ADSR Drum Machine Calibrated For Synthwave producers

Packed with an additional 200 samples and 160 patterns for Synthwave

Take your drum section back to the future with Synthwave v.1 for ADSR Drum Machine. Designed and programmed for outrun and futuresynth producers, this expansion has all the tech you need to alert your listener’s to the army of droids you’ve brought to the neon lit streets.

Created by ADSR’s in house sound team, Synthwave v.1 calibrates ADSR Drum Machine for rhythmic supremacy. Featuring 10 deep and diverse drum kits covering Synthwave, Synthpop, Vaporwave, Retrowave and Cyberpunk. Each kit makes use of Drum Machine’s 16 pad layout with a sample mapped and a killer beat programmed and ready to go for each one.

The foundation of Synthwave v.1 is an extensive collection of premium samples including dark booming, retro hats, knocking kicks and versatile percs. From retro races to cyber control to neon dreams – if you can imagine it, this pack can help you make it into music – starting with the beats. With 16 patterns (and 20+ samples) per kit, tweak the groove or mess around with different samples – you can choose from the 200+ we’ve included, go digging in Drum Machine’s factory samples or load up your own library and roll the dice for added inspiration.

Inspiration by the drum load

Also includes 50+ kits packed with samples, fx and 800+ inspiring patterns across 10 popular genres

ADSR Drum Machine Synthwave Edition. Let the beats flow...

Available as standalone, AU and VST3

Buy ADSR Drum Machine
Synthwave edition

Let the beats flow - Get grooving with ADSR Drum Machine and the Synthwave expansion.
· Includes 10 Synthwave kits + 50 factory kits

30 days for free

Unlimited free trial for 30 days includes all features and kits.
· Includes all 50 kits!
Minimum System Requirements
** Please check demo if in doubt **

Mac : 10.14, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB Free HD. Intel or M1 CPU

Windows : Windows 10 64-bit, 2 GB RAM, 500 MB Free HD, Intel Nehalem or newer, AMD Bulldozer or newer

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