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Nithonat 2
Nithonat 2
Nithonat 2

Nithonat 2



606 Drum Machine

Characteristic, harsh and metallic sounds that cut through the mix like butter. A whole spectrum of sounds is now at your fingertips – rumbling kicks, barky snares and completely unique, ear-grabbing toms and hi-hats.

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AAX , AU , VST2 , VST3
Mac Windows
Nithonat 2
The Little Drum Companion from Yesteryear

Pound for pound, the classic 606 sound

For the first time since its release in the 80s, you can explore what the 606 would have truly been capable of! The 606 was designed as a companion of the 303 silver box; it may look deceptively simple, but it’s a very versatile unit. It’s found its place in a whole variety of music genres, ranging from the 80s pop, through to modern EDM and experimental.

Big factory content to kickstart your work

Don’t want to dive into the technicalities of Nithonat’s signal flow just yet? Then we have you covered thanks to factory presets full of scenes, drum kits and patterns. You can get straight into making your music.

A full set of mix-cutting, harsh and sizzling sounds

Its synthesis is special – even when compared to Nepheton’s. It has the characteristic hi-hats and cym- bals you’d expect, due to precise software emulation of the original hardware circuits; the bass drum has unparalleled attack character and strong punch; the snare sounds sandy. These unique attributes guarantee our 606 is not a sub-standard 808, but instead it’s a great instrument in its own right. . . with a unique timbre that brings an old school feel to your tracks.

Two bus-effect chains with lots of different algorithms

Get the exact sound; add grit with a bitcrusher or distortion, control space with reverb or delay, and fatten your sound with chorus; mix everything together nicely using dynamics and EQ algorithms. All these can also be used creatively with the addition of a filter – the possibilities are endless.

MIDI export via drag and drop

Once you have a pattern in Nithonat, the drag and drop MIDI export function lets you quickly finish work on your pattern in your DAW.

Your perfect beat is just a few clicks away

A super easy-to-use and inspiring sequencer is at your fingertips, along with a tap function, randomizer, and more. Still looking for inspiration? Just browse the hundreds of factory patterns we’ve included.

Prefer recording your beats live? Nothing could be simpler

With the tap function, you can seamlessly record your ideas into patterns, then edit them like any other pattern. Use your screen or MIDI pad controller – whichever workflow you prefer.

Bored? Let’s randomize, baby!

With just the hit of a button, you can fill up your sequencer with unexpected ideas, get inspired and revitalize your workflow. Randomizer can fill a pattern however you specify, providing useful randomized drum lines you can edit or save seamlessly.

Full control over dynamics

Quickly adjust velocity for accented and non-accented steps, and add extra flair with the optional global accent boost.

Articulations for greater expression

Enrich your musical dictionary with per-step flam or several variants of substep with editable properties; get ever more elaborate rhythms.

A variety of trigger modes

Use a pattern trigger mode that suits you: MIDI notes, MIDI CC or GUI.

A dedicated channel strip for every drum sound

With EQ and compression per instrument, you can quickly tweak sounds to your needs. The 606 is very flexible in that department.

The building blocks of a great-sounding kit

To give you a head start, we’ve included factory presets for every individual instrument to quickly put together a great-sounding kit without the fuss.

A musical filter section

High cut and low cut filters with common resonance + 2 band parametric EQ for trimming and boosting what’s necessary to mix the instrument nicely with the rest of the Drum Kit.

In-chain Dynamics

This is a must-have in any proper channel strip, especially with drums. Here’s a little tip: with a bit of look- ahead enabled, and both attack and decay set to zero, you can also use the dynamics as a saturation unit.

Blend in perfectly

Route / send the instrument to one of the two FX buses or directly to the master bus. The only limit is imagination. Wait! While sending the sound to the FX buses, you can even choose what precise slot in the bus to send it to. Use buses creatively.

Final touches are so crucial

A capable master section glues everything together nicely.

Master bus presets

Ready-to-use master presets can get you the desired results, fast. Also, use this feature to store your own settings and speed things up for grooves to come.

Multi-band compressor

A 3-band compressor integrates your soundscape so it works nicely as a whole. Its extremely responsive character will add some ’air’ to your beats.

Limiter with soft-clip option

Use the limiter to control and add power to the output. It’s not just a transparent, brick-wall limiter, it has its own distinctive punchy ’tone’ to enhance your sound.

MIDI map and trigger outs

You’ll find an easily manageable MIDI map and classically-inspired trigger outs; they’re the cherry on top.

MIDI map editor

You can quickly rearrange mapping to match your MIDI controller, DAW or instrument. . . Nithonat’s MIDI configuration puts the power in your hands.

Audible trigger outputs

Some 606 mods had analog trigger outputs to control external gear using the internal sequencer. Producers often used this output musically, adding a trademark short pulse sound that became a hallmark of electro music; it’s a feature we’ve included for that authentic feel.


  • OS – 10.13 – 13
  • 64-Bit
  • Intel x86 / Apple Silicon
  • VST2 / VST3 / AAX / AU compatible application


  • Windows 7 – Windows 11
  • 64-Bit, 32-Bit
  • Intel x86 / AMD x86
  • VST2 / VST3 / AAX compatible application

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