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▶Take home 22 Packs for Native Instruments' iconic FM8 synth for the price of 1! - 1100...
4.6 stars, based on 18 reviews FM8 Preset Bundle - 22 Packs!
FM8 Preset Bundle - 22 Packs!
FM8 Preset Bundle - 22 Packs!

FM8 Preset Bundle - 22 Packs!

(18 reviews)
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Take home 22 Packs for Native Instruments’ iconic FM8 synth for the price of 1! – 1100 presets featuring gliding leads, elastic bass & heavenly pads!!

You can grab these 22 packs for only $20!! With a list price of $374 – that’s a saving of over $350!

Total Bundle Contents:

  • 1,100 FM8 Synth Presets

Packs Included:

Total Number of Files:

  • 1,100 Total Files


Chillout Sounds FM8
Chillout sounds for FM8 will suit ambient, experimental, chillwave, chillout and alternative electronic styles.

Complex sequenced sounds have been designed for rhythmic inspiration, arps for melodic inspiration, warm analogue bass sounds, stacked major chords, evolving pads, spacey keys and more sit alongside each other in this pack exploring the creative side of FM8.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Arp & Seq
  • 6 Bass
  • 6 Chord
  • 5 Key
  • 6 Lead
  • 10 Pad
  • 7 Pluck

Dance Leads
50 new leads for FM8 – tweaked and ready for the big room, included in this pack are a number of dancefloor ready huge leads, progressive plucks, and sequenced one finger rhythmic workouts.

Be sure to get busy with the FM Matrix with these ones to discover new timbres and tones hidden within these patches.

Pack Contents:

  • 17 Leads
  • 18 Plucks
  • 15 Sequenced Leads


Are you making Techno with FM8? Try these 50 Lush Deep FM8 Techno Presets. From stabs to pads, you get everything you need to create dancefloor filling techno.

These FM8 presets are aimed at the deeper side of tech with a nice warm feel. Perfect for club tracks and DJ mixes across many genres of dance and electronic music.

Pack Contents:

  • 8 Arps & Sequences
  • 14 Bass
  • 5 Keys
  • 10 Leads
  • 3 plucks
  • 10 Pads

Deep House FM8

Ballsy aggressive bass sounds, stacked super warm and wide chords, jackin’ leads, melodic arps and deep lush keys are all on offer in this latest FM8 pack from ADSR sounds.

Matching the attitude of classic garage with the warm soulfulness of deep house, these sounds will have something for all house heads.

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Arp
  • 18 Bass
  • 7 Chord
  • 6 Key
  • 6 Lead
  • 8 Pad

Drum & Bass

Drum & Bass is a collection of 50 Drum & Bass (Bass & Synth) Presets For FM8.

This pack is for producers looking to add to their sonic palette. Consisting of 28 heavy basses and 22 synth sounds – this collection of sounds is sure to feature in many DnB productions.

A sublime collection of FM8 presets worthy of any Drum & Bass producers productions.

Pack Contents:

  • 28 Heavy/Snarling basses
  • 22 Complimenting Synth Sounds


Dubstep for FM8 is a collection of 50 awsome dubstep presets for producers using FM8.

The sounds in the demo are unprocessed which means these sounds are the raw sounds you get right out the box.

Think of the possibilities once you get your hands dirty with some processing!

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Arps
  • 18 Bass
  • 5 FX
  • 10 Leads
  • 7 Pads
  • 5 stabs


50 brand new and exclusive sounds for FM8, all focused on complex envelope loops painstakingly programmed so all you need to do is fire up these patches hold down a note and discover what sequence unfolds.

Dirty metallic bass sounds, lush layered pads, bright searing leads and a whole host of fx loops perfect for adding atmosphere to your tracks.

Most of the envelopes contained within these patches have been customised especially for this pack and are unique to these patches, so if you wish to get deeper with these patches, save your favourite envelopes and apply them to some of your favourite FM8 sounds.

FM8 Arpeggiator Sounds

ADSR bring you 50 Arpeggiator sounds for FM8, making full use of FM8’s in built arpeggiator

A wide variety of Arp sounds are on offer here – including squelchy acidic 303 inspired lines, programmed bass sequences, melodic & uplifting lead lines and more experimental patterns.

Fire up one of these patches, sustain a note and starting tweaking to your tastes, or get busy with the morph matrix for some automation inspiration.

FM8 Atmosphere’s

50 atmospheric sounds for FM8, painstakingly programmed with plenty of morph options.

These patches are perfect for setting the mood, be it for your next production or soundtrack.

These sounds will work as special fx, pads, sequences, sound beds and much more.


When writing music it can be hard to come up with new and interesting transitions, intro’s and breakdown’s.

Adding variety and evolution to your music is crucial to an interesting arrangement and keeping your audience on their toes. EFX For FM8 is unlike most preset bundles.

Rather than focusing on a specific genre, the brief for these sounds was to create a collection of EFX producers can use to enhance their music.

With this in mind we have painstakingly put together 50 FM8 EFX presets (down-lifters, uplifters, impacts, sweeps and swells) for you to either use out of the box or sculpt into.

What does this mean? Variation is the key here and each patch has numerous settings to ensure you get the most control from each sound.

Pack Contents:

  • 9 Downlifters
  • 12 FX
  • 11 Impacts
  • 8 Sweeps
  • 10 Uplifters

FM8 Pads

Are you looking for beautiful Pads for FM8? We’ve built 50 pads for FM8 from the ground up … but that’s not all!

All 50 sounds each have 4 variations programmed within the mod matrix. For some the devil is in the detail like envelopes, filters, etc and for some it really is a case of 4 sounds in 1 with more extreme variations.

The 50 preset FM8 bundle on offer here includes 50 Lush Pads with built in morphing.

Funkstep – FM8

Taking cue’s from dubstep, house, hip hop, drum n bass and electro, Funkstep sounds for FM8 is primed for the party.

Squelchingly funked up arps, screaming leads, rasping slidy basslines and warm chord sounds are all included in this pack.

With FM8’s customisable envelopes making for some unique modulated wobble hooks, and FM8’s FM matrix in full effect on over half of the sounds here so you can quickly put your own stamp on these sounds.

Pack Contents:

  • 8 Arps
  • 22 Bass Sounds
  • 8 Chords
  • 12 Leads


Taking cue’s from the sound that is currently exploding in mainroom clubland across the globe, Hardstyle sounds for FM8 serves up 50 sounds ready for your next peak time banger.

Distorted electro bass stabs, thick warm super wide leads, melodic and acidized arps, pitch risers for massive tension building.

There’s also a sequences section offering some heavily programmed bass and lead sequences for instant one finger hooks.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Arp Sounds
  • 10 Bass Sounds
  • 8 Lead Sounds
  • 4 Perc Sounds
  • 8 Pitch Sounds
  • 10 Sequence Sounds

Kill Noise

Kill Noise is a fresh collection of dubstep and electro house sounds for producers looking for that current mainroom sound.

The rise of this sound has been nothing short of phenomenal and can be heard on the hottest dancefloors around the globe.

We’ve hand crafted these sounds so you can have those fresh sounds ready to drop straight into your productions today.

Pack Contents:

  • 22 bass sounds
  • 18 Leads
  • 10 pitch stabs

Percussive Sounds

Percussive Sounds is a collection of 50 Perc’s and FM8 drum (Claps, Hats, Kicks, Percs & Sequences) presets for producers using FM8.

For producers looking for drum sounds to feed their FM8!

Pack Contents:

  • 11 Claps
  • 8 Hats
  • 11 Kicks
  • 10 Leads
  • 9 Percs
  • 11 Sequences and loops

Progressive/Electro House

This new set of sounds for FM8 is takes it’s cue’s from recent electro house & progressive house club smashes.

Crunchy sizzling bass patches sit alongside stacked electro chord leads, whilst the arpeggiator and pluck sounds will provide plenty of melodic inspiration. There’s also a set of special FX patches, including uplifters, downlifters and impacts, to provide you with all your synth needs for your next club banger.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Arps
  • 12 Bass
  • 9 FX
  • 10 Lead
  • 9 Pluck

PsyTrance Sounds

Are you looking for snarling basses, warbling leads or rhythmic Arp’s ?

All the sounds in this demo are unprocessed – imagine the possibilities once you bounce down these psychedelic sonic monsters!

What’s in the 50 preset collection:

  • 7 Arps
  • 12 Bass
  • 4 FX
  • 9 Leads
  • 6 Pads
  • 7 Plucks
  • 5 Seq


FM8 Progressive Trance Sound Bank is a collection of 50 presets for NI FM8.

Think of the current Trance and Progressive genre – synth stabs, lush environments and atmospheres, deep baselines and evolving sweeps makes this collection of FM8 presets a quality asset to all producers in this genre.

Pack Contents:

  • 9  Arp / SEQ
  • 11 Basses
  • 17 Leads
  • 11 plucks
  • 2 FX Risers

Shut Yo’ Trap

Shut Yo’ Trap is a collection of 50 FM8 presets for Trap/Future Bass producers. Are you looking for booming basses, tight drums or rhythmic sequences ?

All the sounds in this demo are from the pack – even the drums (there’s 7 awesome drums presets for FM8 inside)!

We carefully crafted all these patches to ensure you have the freshest sounds for your productions!

Pack Contents:

  • 9 Arps
  • 5 Bass
  • 7 Drums
  • 4 FX
  • 9 Leads
  • 4 Pads
  • 7 Sequences
  • 5 stabs

Stripped – Minimal Electro

Minimal Electro is a collection of 50 FM8 minimal presets for producers.

Pack Contents:

  • 20 Arp / SEQ
  • 13 Basses
  • 5 Leads
  • 12 Plucks

System – Glitch Hop

Glitch Hop is a collection of 50 FM8 glitch hop presets.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Arp / SEQ
  • 15 Basses
  • 5 Chords
  • 11  leads
  • 9 Plucks

Techno Sounds FM8

Deep and dark sounds for FM8, ready for your next warehouse bomb.

Packed full of arp and sequence sounds providing melodic and groove inspiration, along with a selection of classic Detroit style chords and stabs and bass sounds full of sub energy.

Pack Contents:

  • 10 Arp
  • 12 Bass
  • 10 Chord
  • 14 Sequence
  • 5 Stab

* Please Note: Bundled products may differ from individual products when sold separately which may include bonuses not provided in this promotional offer. Please refer to the bundle product listing above for complete details of what is included in this offer.

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