Hello!! Please listen to the entire preview!

Bass Killer Vol.2 is definitely a must have if you produce electro house, dubstep or anything hard hitting with a unique drop.

I know it sounds cliche but seriously we are producers and sound designers and our goal is to help other producers and sound designers.

When making this preset pack we looked on beatport top 10 in almost ever genre to come up with almost the exact same bass they had.

We couldn’t fit all the interesting Leads, plucks, pads, FX, and Bass all in the preview so theres way more interesting sounds you will love.

So what are you waiting for? You know a good deal when you see one, thanks and good luck on getting to the top!

Bass Killer Vol.2 comes with 50 VERY unique presets ALL have macro controls and can be used for every genre!

Developed by skilled producers and sound designers ranging from all genres!

We wanted to bring back dubstep with an electro house twist for something different and unique.

If you have and problems with presets or have questions leave a comment and we will answer and fix all problems and questions ;)
Keep producing!
Have a great day!