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'Powerhouse Dance Collection' contains a vast assortment of sounds for electronic...
Powerhouse Dance Collection
Powerhouse Dance Collection
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‘Powerhouse Dance Collection’ contains a vast assortment of sounds for electronic dance music production, covering the entire range from modern trance to early 90’s underground techno. The soundset ships with two versions – the Z3ta 1.5 version containing 128 sounds, plus the Z3ta 2 version which contains an additional 22 sounds for a total of 150 presets. About the Producer: Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Cakewalk, Native Instruments, Rob Papen, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. His work is found in the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, DCAM Synth Squad, D.I.V.A., etc. He is also very active in developing his own brand, Xenos Soundworks. Patch List BA Acid Bath BA Batman BA Beefsteak BA Betelgeuse BA Big Momma BA Blue Hue BA Breaks Bass BA Brown Note BA Classic Bass BA Crimson BA Deep N Hollow BA Deep N Sassy BA Depth Charge BA Dub Techno Sub BA Electrosquare BA Euro Bass BA Filthy Filters BA Green Hue BA Green Monster BA Hardstyle Offbeat BA I Love This One BA Lowdown BA Mauve Hue BA Microtekno Tomz BA Nod To De La Playa BA Organ Bass BA Rsy Rez BA Punchy BA Purple Hue BA PWM Bass BA Sidechain W/Kick BA Sludge Sub BA Standard Bass BA Tomahawk BA Universal Bass BA Viral Infection BA Virus Bass BA Yokozuna CH Big Fat Fifths CH Brassy CH Direct Hit CH Fully Loaded CH Glitchy Chords CH Kingstonesque CH Laser Chords CH Metallurgy CH Nod To DeepChord CH Ominous CH Partytime! CH Rhythmic LFOs CH Silk Road CH Use MW. PB and AT!! FX Dubby Hits FX Mechabug Riser FX Oldskool 1 FX Oldskool 2 FX Oldskool 3 FX Psy Fy Channel FX Techno Blitz KB Funky House Clavi KB Funky House Rhodes KB House Organ KB Trance Piano LD Acid Blaster LD Agitone LD Anabelle LD Belltone LD Blue Roses LD Creamy Fuzz LD Critical Levels LD Destroy You LD EDM Saw Wave LD Fungal Vox LD Gemini LD Hardsaw LD Hardstyle 5ths LD Hoover-Like LD Inundation LD Jitters LD Jumpstyle LD JustSlightlyBroken LD Lightly Textures LD Modwheel Detunes LD Now THAT’s a Juno! LD Party Rocker LD Raver Bass Stabs LD Razorsquares LD Reedy Bandpass LD Shocker LD Shuffle Steppin’ LD SIDstyle LD Smooth Bandpass LD Timeless LD Trancemania LD Trashed Bandpass LD Vintage Lead LD Viral Fifths LD Zyme PD Classic Warm Pad PD Creamy Texture PD Formantesque PD Orion PD Pumpin ‘n’ Trippin PD Use MIDI Hookups PD Wide String Pad PL Busy Man PL Dreamtime PL Feed the Arp PL Funky Plucks PL Gotta Take A Pizz PL Grade A PL Trance Plucks 1 PL Trance Plucks 2 PL Trance Plucks 3 PL Virulent PL Wavetable Plucks SY Anthem Polysynth SY Bass Donks 1 SY Bass Donks 2 SY Bass Donks 3 SY Bass Donks 4 SY Bellsynth SY Island Paradise SY Let Freedom Ring SY Love Doctor SY Meditation SY Plucky SY Pulse Keys SY Snowcaps Bonus Patches Included in Z3ta 2 version ———————————————————— BA 90s Underground BA Green Monster BA Lo-Fi Bass BA Oldschool FM Bass BA Technomech CH Nautilus CH Ratshack Jazz FX Fade To Chaos FX Methane Riser FX Noise Twister FX Psyonisist FX Vibrant Riser LD Distoteque LD Grungy House Lead LD Retrografx PD Epic Pad PD Micro Psy PD Sci-Fi Pad PD S.D.W.I. PD Spooky Pad PD Stained Glass SY Hardbass Hits

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