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4.7 stars, based on 10 reviews Captain Plugins and Captain Beat
Captain Plugins and Captain Beat
Captain Plugins and Captain Beat

Captain Plugins and Captain Beat

(10 reviews)

Award-winning Plugins for Beat Making

Buy both Captain Plugins + Captain Beat together with this bundle offering. The updated VSTs allow for super-fast songwriting and creation of chords, melodies, bass lines and drums for any genre of music. Captain Plugins are designed for use by producers, DJs and songwriters.

Captain Plugins and Captain Beat
Award-winning Plugins for Beat Making

Captain Plugins 5.0 OUT NOW

Mixed In Key is excited to release an epic update, Captain Plugins 5 for Mac and Windows. A total of five VST plugins are included in the Captain Plugins + Captain Beat package. The updated VSTs allow for super-fast songwriting and creation of chords, melodies, bass lines and drums for any genre of music. Captain Plugins are designed for use by producers, DJs and songwriters.

Here’s everything that’s new in Captain Plugins 5.0:

  • Edit MIDI inside Captain Chords
    • Captain Chords now includes full MIDI editing, including the ability to add or delete notes, move notes up and down to create new chords, resize chords and draw in rhythms. The interface identifies the name of each custom chord that you create.
  • Host VST plugins inside Captain Plugins
    • Use your favorite presets from third-party instruments directly inside Captain plugins. This feature offers producers a unique workflow and allows popular plugins like Serum, Sylenth1, Kontakt, Spire, Arcade, Omnisphere and more to be used as the sound source inside Captain Plugins.
  • Discover Beautiful New Chords
    • On the second row of Captain Chords, there’s a new selection of chords that work well in the selected key, scale and scale degree. Those chords provide beautiful voicings to allow for more experimental songwriting.
  • Use your computer keyboard as a musical instrument
    • In Captain Play in the ‘Play Chords’ section, the types of chords that are available on each row of the computer keyboard have been improved. Root position, 1st and 2nd inversions, borrowed chords, 7th chords and complementary chords are now available. One keypress plays the entire chord.

HUGE Improvements to Captain Beat

  • Add Drum Fills to create massive buildups
    • Drum fills make beats more interesting. Whenever you break from a main drum pattern to another groove, this is called a drum fill. Captain Beat features exceptional drum fills that allow producers to create variety in their rhythms.
  • Import and export custom Kits, Patterns, and Fills within Captain Beat
    • Captain Beat allows you to import your own samples to create custom drum kits. Now you can also import and export banks of Kits, Patterns and Fills. Easily share your patterns and kits with producer friends and collaborators.
  • Use New Sounds From the Arizona Desert
    • Fourteen new drum kits, recorded live, have been added to Captain Beat.
  • Add Universal Drum Rhythms
    • A list of universal ‘Foundation’ rhythms can be found inside the Rhythms folder and are accessible on any instrument channel. These rhythms work on instruments like Kicks, Hi-hats or Claves. Latin clave and reggaeton rhythms are included for adding spice to your patterns.
  • Artist Pattern Packs
    • Mixed In Key is pleased to announce the release of three new Pattern Packs by L.Dre, Polaris and Jack Massic for Captain Beat. Each Pattern Pack contains 20 original MIDI loops created by the artists. L.Dre created a pack of raw hip hop patterns, Polaris contributed an inspiring pack of driving drum & bass patterns and Jack Massic has crafted a pack of pop, South American and Tropical House grooves.


Built for Beat Makers, Captain Beat allows you to make beats quickly and intuitively.

Choose from one of the hundreds of patterns from the bank library or record your own rhythms using the computer keyboard.

Select a drum kit from Captain Beat’s sizable kit collection or load in your own samples. Sculpt your sounds using Captain Beat’s Controls and Effects and finish by exporting the Audio or MIDI to your DAW.

Captain Beat allows you to easily mix and match patterns from different genres to create original percussive patterns and is sure to become a ‘go-to’ plugin for producers.

Features in Captain Beat include:

  • Patterns
  • Drum Kits
  • Hotkeys
  • Drum Roll
  • Banks
  • Basics Controls
  • Effects
  • Export

Drum patterns. Faster.

Mix and match over 500 incredible patterns to create your own unique rhythms. Combine different rhythms on different channels. Instantly select genre-defining patterns from hit songs. However you choose to use them, Captain Beat’s Patterns will inspire you.

A workflow for every producer.

Whether you’re a ‘draw and edit MIDI notes’ kind of producer, prefer to tap out ideas on pads, or even your computer keyboard, Captain Beat has your back. It’s simple, slick and tons of fun to use.

Push the envelope.

Go deep into sound design with Captain Beat’s envelope, pitch and pan controls.

Kitted out.

Meet the drum kits of your dreams. Our team of elite sound designers created dozens of professional-grade kits. Cross classic re-creations with cutting-edge drum hits, and even add your own samples. You’ll wonder how you made beats before Captain Beat.

On-board SFX.

Apply Reverbs, Delays and Filter on a per-channel basis.

Trigger happy.

If you’re a finger-drummer, or just prefer laying down beats in a tactile manner, you’re in luck. Use hotkeys to trigger sounds with your computer keyboard, or connect any MIDI device. You’ll love how good tapping out patterns feels. Intuitive quantize options ensure maximum enjoyment and minimum fuss.

Dynamite for your DAW.

  • Sample substitution in real-time.
  • Rhythm sampling.
  • Per-channel rhythm and kit substitution.
  • Super-fast interface for greater creative control.

Premium export.

Bounce individual channels or master mix as audio files. See each channel as a waveform. Export MIDI as individual channels or a single MIDI clip. Straight to your DAW in seconds.

There’s more?

  • Pencil mode
  • Magic Record.
  • MIDI Editing.
  • Batch move.
  • Sophisticated velocity control.
  • Regular, free updates.

Told you it was fully-featured.

The Mac and Windows bundle include Captain Chords, Captain Melody, Captain Deep, Captain Play and Captain Beat. Captain Plugins and Captain Beat can be purchased together for $99.

PLEASE CHECK THE SYSTEM REQUIREMENTS Please Note: This product requires an internet connection to use please check both the features and system requirements tabs before purchasing this plugin

Supported DAWs Captain Plugins officially supports:

  • Mac OS X 10.10.5 and higher: Ableton Live (64-bit), Cubase, FL Studio and Logic Pro X (64-bit).
  • Windows: Ableton Live, Cubase and FL Studio (64-bit and 32-bit versions)
  • To fully utilize product an Internet Connection is required.

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