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5 stars, based on 4 reviews Music Box Suite
Music Box Suite
Music Box Suite

Music Box Suite

(4 reviews)

Realistic Music Boxes VST

A tool for both realistic music box composition and for intriguing sound design, this VST/AU features a unique set of music box sounds that will expand your sonic palette. Music Box Suite is powered by our VST/AU sample-based synthesis engine, Mirage.

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Music Box Suite
Realistic Music Boxes VST

Realistic music boxes and sound design VST/AU

Two multi-sampled music boxes

At the core of Music Box Suite are 2 multi-sampled music boxes, both of which feature 4 round-robin. The first is the Victorian music box. This instrument has a warm antique tone. The second is the Tiny music box. This has a bright, sweet sound. By tastefully layering these 2 instruments, new compelling sounds can be made.

Included in Music Box Suite are a few of the winding-up sounds and the ‘whur’ of the music box device. These give you the option to create a fully realistic music box piece.

Organic sound design

This product features a collection of complimentary samples that are designed to work with the real music box samples. This expands Music Box Suite’s potential from more than just realistic music box emulation. The 40 included presets demonstrate this; there are keys, pads and ambient textures. These complimentary sounds are primarily morphed versions of real music box samples, however, there are also a few additional instruments such as a guitar pluck, a glockenspiel and synth strings.

Using Mirage’s simple interface, instruments can be layered, reversed, looped, tuned and distorted. This pairing of Music Box Suite’s samples inside Mirage’s engine results in a unique tool that is ideal for adding a charming melodic aspect to your track, whether it be an electronic piece or a cinematic one.



  • 40 presets, saved as separate mirage-music-box files

  • Mirage sample-based synthesis engine included

  • Music Box Suite Mirage library (closed format mdata file) which features 24 instruments

  • ~52MB file download


What is Mirage?

Mirage is our sample-based synthesis engine. It is a VST/AU synthesiser plugin that features a powerful set of controls for processing our custom sample libraries, such as Phoenix or Wraith (currently libraries can only be made with our internal tools).

Mirage is designed for rapid, flexible sound design and for ease-of-use.

A rack of built-in Effects

Another technique that sound designers use to shape the character of sounds is by applying effects. Mirage features a rack of such effects for this purpose. Built-in effects such as distortion, bit-crush, chorus and stereo widener can be used to enhance the sound with extra harmonics or extra simulated width.

The compressor can be used to control dynamics or add punch, and the filter can be used to isolate just the frequencies you need. Mirage also has reverb and delay effects for real space simulation. These are great for sound design too.

One of the reverb effects is a convolution reverb, this is typically used to add a real-sounding reverberation effect to the signal by using samples of real spaces (impulse responses). However, by substituting the sample of a real space with an abstract sample, interesting effects can be produced. Mirage features both realistic impulse responses and abstract ones for creative sound design.

Minimum friction from your mind to your DAW

Mirage is designed to not get in your way. It is fast to load up and is CPU efficient. It has a vector-based GUI that can be resized so that it will work on any size screen. The controls are laid out in an intuitive way, and a full description of what each control does can be viewed by hovering the mouse over it for a moment. Mirage also comes with a PDF user manual with all of the nitty-gritty details covered.

  • Windows 7 or higher, 64-bit only (the plugin has a 32-bit version but the installer requires a 64-bit machine – virtually all Windows machines are 64-bit)
  • Or MacOS 10.12 or higher, both Intel and M1 chips are supported (universal binary)
  • A DAW that can host a VST2 or AudioUnit v2 (AU) plugin. Examples of such hosts are Cubase, Ableton Live, Studio One, Reaper, Reason, FL Studio, Logic X, Garage Band, and many more. Logic 9 and Pro Tools are not supported.

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