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4.5 stars, based on 34 reviews AudioCipher V3
AudioCipher V3
AudioCipher V3

AudioCipher V3

(34 reviews)

AudioCipher is a MIDI plugin that turns words into melodies and chord progressions.

Discover new musical ideas when you turn words into notes with AudioCipher. AudioCipher is a music inspiration app. It's designed to give producers like you a tool to play with while you're coming up with new ideas.

AU , Desktop , VST
Mac Windows
AudioCipher V3
Turn Words Into Melodies and Chord Progressions

Tired of staring at your DAW and waiting for inspiration to strike?

With AudioCipher, you type in a word or phrase to transform it into music instantly. Break through creative blocks by generating melodies and chord progressions in your key signature of choice.

Choose from a variety of scales, chords and rhythms. Discover new musical ideas and surprise yourself with patterns that you might not usually come up with.

Every word you enter has a precise, encoded musical signature with AudioCipher. This means that the core sequence of notes will always be the same for your phrase, as long as you choose the same scale. In this way, the MIDI is not completely random. But you never know what you’re going to get until you try a new word. It’s a roll of the dice!

Leverage the “randomize rhythm” and “random chord” options to audition unlimited variations using your word or phrase. Try generating a melody and a chord progression with the same phrase to see how they sound together. Edit your MIDI output in the piano roll to fine tune and sculpt the concept.

Join thousands of music producers using AudioCipher to transform the way they approach creating music in their DAW. Visit the AudioCipher blog for ongoing tips about how to use the app.

“AudioCipher has changed the way I think about making music. Instead of spending hours trying to come up with a chord progression or melody, I can just type in words and come up with something quickly.” – Cir Crawford, Music Producer

Feature List

  • Melody and Chord Generator
  • 9 Scales (Major / Minor / Chromatic / Harmonic Minor / 5 additional diatonic modes)
  • 6 Chord Types (Add2, Add4, Triad, Add6, Seventh, Ninth)
  • Chord randomization (Shuffle through chord types at random)
  • Rhythm Controls (Whole, Half, Quarter, Eigth, Sixteenth, and all triplet subdivisions in between)
  • Rhythm randomization (Apply a random duration to each note or chord in your MIDI output)
  • Playback controls (Standalone app only)
  • Drag MIDI to DAW or computer folder

Your AudioCipher V3 download will include:

  • Standalone MIDI app for Mac and Windows
  • VST3 for MacOS and Windows
  • AU component for Logic Pro X (MacOS)
  • Getting Started Guide.
  • Bonus Sample Pack for encoded melody examples


  • Windows 10+
  • 64-Bit application


  • MacOS 10.15 or later required
  • 2 GB RAM (4+ GB recommended)

Mobile and tablet devices not currently supported.

Reason 11 does not support VST3 files or drag to midi functionality.

Not compatible with Bitwig

Visit AudioCipher FAQ page for instructions on installation and best practices

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