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4.6 stars, based on 7 reviews Expansion Bundle
Expansion Bundle
Expansion Bundle

Expansion Bundle

(7 reviews)
Pop ALSO INCLUDES ReggaetonTrap
Construction Kits ALSO INCLUDES MIDISamples & LoopsSerum Presets
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FLASH SALE ALERT! At only $13.99 (normally $139.99) the ADSR SOUNDS Expansion Bundle includes 6 modern collections featuring Drums, Loops & Serum Presets!

At 90% off, you get all 6 packs for literally less than the price of one. Totally EXCLUSIVE and never to be repeated. Don’t miss out on this limited time holiday deal! 

Total Bundle Contents:

  • 950+ Drum Loops & One Shots
  • 950+ Loops & One Shots
  • 200+ MIDIs
  • 300+ Serum Presets
  • 27 Construction Kits

Total Number Of Files:

  • 2500 Files
  • 10.8 GB

Packs Included:



Throw open your studio windows and let the warmth and colour of bedroom beats hit your ears. new-fi from ADSR Sounds brings you fresh ideas for lo-fi, trap soul and indie pop.

We’re always thinking about musical trends and wanted to create a soundset that would explore next steps in lo-fi and indie music. We also felt like creating something upbeat and fun to play with because – why not?! The result is new-fi a colourful collection of beats and melodies that will shine a light on new production possibilities.

From downtempo beats and drum hits galore to playful melodies and modern textures. new-fi is innovative, authentic and upbeat. Go on a light-hearted musical discovery with over 500 files including 100 Serum presets and 400 samples and loops all designed to reinvigorate your studio time with a positive outlook and pro-level sounds.

If you’re producing laid-back tunes with a modern-vintage vibe – whether it’s lo-fi, indie pop, trap, or something totally new – new-fi offers you an original perspective with all the tools to see your musical vision made reality.

Pack Contents:

  • 100 Xfer Serum presets
    • 21 Bass
    • 21 Keys
    • 17 Leads
    • 21 Pads
    • 20 Plucks
  • Loops
    • 15 Melodic Loops
    • 15 Musicbox Loops
    • 5 Keyboard Loops
    • 15 Instrumental Loops
    • 55 Drum Loops
    • 45 Synth Loops
  • Drum Hits
    • 10 808s
    • 15 Hihats
    • 10 Dirty Shakers
    • 25 Kicks
    • 15 Snares
    • 10 Toms
  • Melodic Shots & Samples
    • 20 Melodic Shots
    • 20 Musicbox Shots
    • 10 Synth Instrument Shots
    • 20 Synth Shots
    • 15 Vocal Shots
  • 10 Risers
  • 15 Melodic Textures
  • Plus 5 Bonus Song Kits from the demo including loops and stems
    • Close to you
    • Butterly
    • Pessoa
    • Frosti
    • Post

Total Number Of Files:

  • 506
  • 2.09GB

Software Requirements:

  • Latest version of Xfer Serum


Prepare for a journey that has no end as LO-FIRE II brings about the next stage of your musical evolution.

After the success of the original LO-FIRE pack, fans were left wanting more and have been curious to know where the genre could go next. Today, LO-FIRE II opens a whole new chapter on Lofi, Downtempo Trap and Chill Hop and Electronica.

1.42GB of samples, loops, presets and more. LO-FIRE II packs the best of what you know and love along with a full range of new and unfamiliar tools and ideas whose purpose will become clear as you explore the full breadth of your musical mind.

Applying creativity and skill everything is up for grabs. Whether you’re looking for laid back vibes to boost your productivity, inviting beats to support your soul or melodic content that can transport you new places. With over 1.4GB of samples, loops, presets and more LO-FIRE II will help you deliver your message with music.

LO-FIRE features 100 presets for Xfer Serum including 808s, bass, keys, leads, pads and plucks. This could have been a pack in itself but TBH once we got started in the studio we just couldn’t stop!

Enjoy folder upon folder of full labeled samples and loops including drum loops, melodic guitar, synth and instrument loops plus 160+ samples and shots all ready to take your productions in new directions.

Pack Contents:

  • Serum Presets
    • 11 808
    • 15 Bass
    • 6 FX
    • 16 Keys
    • 13 Lead
    • 12 LFO Leads
    • 14 Pads
    • 13 Plucks
  • Loops
    • 10 808 Loops
    • 15 Guitar Loops
    • 60 Drum Loops including tops and full loops
    • 17 Key Loops
    • 12 Instrument Loops
    • 26 Synth Loops
  • Shots & Samples
    • 20 808s
    • 10 Bass Shots
    • 24 Chord Shots
    • 16 FX
    • 10 Synth Instruments
    • Drum Shots
      • 15 Claps
      • 22 Hihats
      • 20 Kicks
      • 15 Snares
      • 15 Toms
  • 4 Bonus Song Kits with Stems
  • All fully key & bpm labeled
  • 100% Royalty-free for use in your musical productions.

Total Number Of Files:

  • 477
  • 1.4GB Unzipped

Software Requirements:

  • Presets require latest version of Xfer Serum


ADSR presents Nominated. A collection of artist-inspired sounds, samples and kits that give you the very best of today so you can create something groundbreaking tomorrow. It’s been an incredible 12 months – the world has changed and it’s often only the music that has gotten us through – both making it and listening to it.

We’re not huge on awards but we are big on recognizing the amazing talent that has inspired us, which is why we created “Nominated”. This pack is a tribute to some of our favourite Grammy-nominated artists and whether they win or lose they’ve given us plenty of fun and inspiration which we are proud to share with you. These sounds capture the spirit and tone of our favourite nominees, it’s our way of showing admiration through emulation and evolution. We hope that you will take it even further and use them to create new tracks worthy of being nominated.

5 full kits plus countless samples, loops, midi and presets inspired by some of the hottest names in popular music right now including Billie Eilish, DaBaby, Dua Lipa, BLACK PUMAS and Doja Cat. The result is an eclectic mix of pop, r&b and electronica inspired beats and melodies that you can use to create your own crossover hit.

Pack Contents:

  • 30 Presets for Xfer Serum
  • 30 Key-labelled MIDI Songstarters
  • 30 Drum Loops
  • 10 Guitar Loops
  • 10 Keys Loops
  • One-Shots
    • 25 Hi-hats
    • 25 Kicks
    • 25 Percs
    • 25 Snares
  • 5 Full Construction Kits
    • Loops
    • One-shots
    • MIDI
    • Stems
    • Serum Presets
  • Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 410
  • 1.87 GB unzipped


If there is one hashtag we can relate to at ADSR, it’s #producerlife – from days and nights that are upside down, chasing the perfect beat, too many plugins (or not enough plugins) to and an endless todo list. Not to mention the ups and downs of working solo, the bigger ups and downs of collabs and of course dreams of making it on to the charts on the merits of our creative soul. It’s a wild ride but one thing is for sure we just love making music!!

This pack is a tribute to #Producerlife and to some of the genres that have kept us going. We hope it inspires you to keep making music, trying new things and taking your influences from all styles of music and art.

#producerlife features 5 mini packs in one including sounds for Pop, Hip Hop & Trap, LoFi, EDM and Reggaeton – each folder comes with a range of oneshots, loops, midi and presets for serum. A great starting place to explore these different genres, you could make something new and distinct with each of them. Even better, we hope you mash them all together to create your own unique crossover vibe!

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Genre mini packs
    • Pop
      • 28 Shots
      • 16 Loops
      • 8 MIDI
      • 10 Serum Presets
    • Hip Hop & Trap
      • 28 Shots
      • 15 Loops
      • 10 MIDI
      • 7 Serum Presets
    • LoFi
      • 28 Shots
      • 15 Loops
      • 10 MIDI
      • 2 Serum Presets
    • EDM
      • 28 Shots
      • 15 Loops
      • 10 MIDI
      • 5 Serum Presets
    • Reggaeton
      • 28 Shots
      • 16 Loops
      • 6 MIDI
      • 8 Serum Presets
  • Fully Key, tempo & genre labeled
  • 100% RoyaltyFree

Total Number Of Files:

  • 293
  • 392 MB

System Requirements:

  • Latest version of Serum by Xfer Records

808 The Next Chapter

To celebrate 808 day and pay homage to the musical styles that the legendary TR-808 drum machine inspired, ADSR has created: 808 – The Next Chapter. A modern collection of bass, drums, synths and kick a$$ kits complete with loops, shots, midi and presets for Serum!

From Hip Hop to Lo-Fi and Techno to EDM the 808’s influence can be heard throughout electronic music. In fact, many modern producers will say their music just can’t live without it.

808 – The Next Chapter brings you 7 epic kits complete with loops, midi, one-shots, stems and serum presets and reminiscent of iconic moments in the history of Urban music. It showcases just some of the ways you can put your 808s to best use. As if that wasn’t enough, we’ve also included loads of additional material including bass multisamples, synth loops, drum shots and drum loops.

We hope it will inspire you to make your bass boom!

Pack Contents:

  • 7 Full Construction Kits each containing:
    • Shots
    • Loops
    • Serum Presets
    • Stems
    • MIDI
  • + Bass Multisamples
    • 12 Drive Bass
    • 12 Long Bass
    • 12 Modern Bass
  • + Drum Shots
    • 10 Bass
    • 15 Claps
    • 20 Closed Hats
    • 20 Open Hats
    • 10 Cowbells
    • 15 Kicks
    • 10 Rims
    • 1 Snares
    • 10 Toms
  • + Synth Loops
    • 10 WAV Loops
    • 10 MIDI Loops
  • + Drum Loops
    • 15 Full Loops
    • 15 Top Loops
    • 15 Beat Loops
  • Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 466
  • 1.77 GB unzipped

Verano Summer Reggaeton

Verano from ADSR Sounds drops all the color, heat, and rhythm of Reggaeton right into your DAW.

In total, you get six lively kits each fully complete with loops, shots, presets, MIDI and stems. From melodics to drums, fx to foley enjoy all the tools you need to have a hot latino summer breeze through your studio.

Inspired by hot days at the beach and sexy summer nights and influenced by J Balvin, Maluma, Don Omar and Tito el Bambino,

Pack Contents:

6 Complete Kits containing

  • Loops
  • MIDI
  • One-Shots
  • Presets
  • Stems

Key and tempo labeled
100% Royalty-free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 348
  • 3.3 GB

Software Requirements:

  • Presets require latest version of Serum

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