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FLASH SALE ALERT! For $20 (normally $213.34) You get OVER 1000 Vocal Loops, 500+ Samples, Loops, One Shots and so much more – 9 Vocal packs, so good they should be illegal, or should we say an Optimus Crime….
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Total Bundle Contents:

  • 1000+ Vocals
  • 500+ Samples, Loops & One Shots
  • 61 MIDIs
  • 32 Construction Kits & Songstarters

Total Number Of Files:

  • 1812 Files
  • 5.1 GB+

Packs Included:


Black Octopus Sound – VocalKitchen – Nino Lucarelli – Breaking Point

Take a deep breath and tell your story the way you want with one of the most diverse voices in EDM. Nino Lucarelli THE Arizona Rocker, is ready to push your productions over the edge with royalty-free vocals and electric guitars!

Humble gone global… Nino went from zero to a million monthly listeners in just three short but focused years. He’s written and released songs for Armin van Buuren, KAAZE, Burak Yeter, Dubvision, Raiden, Thomas Gold, and many more.

Nino even took to the big screen when ‘People Are Strange’ was featured in Adam Sandler’s Hubie Halloween.

He’s performed the official anthem for Hardwell’s ‘World’s Biggest Guestlist’ Festival and taken the stage with Raiden for Korea’s ‘Naver On Stage’ live series along with KAAZE at Amsterdam Dance Event’s Revealed Night.

There are one hundred and six hi-fi vocal phrases that are rich with emotion and will get stuck in your head. The twenty electric guitar compositions are exquisitely balanced with both full-bodied and bright samples that compliment the vocals perfectly. Placed into two folders every sample is ready to mix and match the way you want your music to be heard without wasted time.

At 128 bpm in the key of Bbmin, these high fidelity WAV files are effortlessly adjustable to fit your vision.

Whatever you decide to pull from the pack when an idea strikes, eyes will open, heads will turn, and hair will raise. This is your breaking point.

Demo produced by Thijmen Molema

“** Vocalkitchen requests that you not use her name in the branding of your music, track credits, title, or artist names.

**Drums and melodic content in demo are not included in the pack. This is a guitar vocal and vocal effects pack only.”

Pack Contents:

  • 106 Vocal Samples
  • 20 Guitar Samples

Total Number Of Files:

  • 126
  • 91.8 MB

Datacode – Tristan Henry Underground House Vocals

Datacode is very proud to present Tristan Henry Underground House Vocals! A deep underground house vocal pack featuring UK singer / songwriter Tristan Henry and produced by Dataworx in collaboration with UK producer AudioTrip!

This vocal house pack delivers 5 full authentic, inspiring and evocative Vocal Acapellas complete with Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Adlibs and Background Vocals in song construction kit format and loop versions to fit any Producer or DJ workflow.

Tristan Henry Underground House Vocals is the first featured artist vocal pack to debut on Datacode and is also proudly our 50th sample pack release!

We have devoted countless hours in the making of this pack to create a deeply inspiring underground sound with Tristan’s distinct and soulful vocal performance featured over the dark minimalistic drum grooves with hypnotic basslines, detuned stabs and warm chords that will resonate with producers across several genres from Deep House, Tech House and Mainroom House Anthems!

Included in the pack are 5 underground house construction kits with convenient loop versions and all the essential key and tempo labels for the vocals and music loops.

The pack comes complete with 2.76 GB of WAV Loops and Kits and each kit is organized by folder with all essential music stems and processed versions of the vocal acapellas, there is also a Vocal Kit Layers folder which includes all the separate vocal stems in Dry and Wet versions and Vocal Loop versions if you just need a solid vocal phrase or adlib to enhance your track! The drums and music loops are available in both Stems and Loop versions.

PLEASE NOTE: The Vocals are provided as Royalty Free when you purchase a legal copy to use in your music productions, however you may NOT include Tristan Henry’s name or image as a Featured Singer, Collaboration or Artist in your music, title or song credits.

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Full Vocal Acapellas
  • (44 Stems: Lead Vocals, Harmonies, Adlibs)
  • 5 Full Construction Kits
  • (76 Total Kit Stems: Drums, Bass, Synth, Pads)
  • 111 Vocal – Loop Versions
  • 5 Kits – Loop Versions
  • (61 Total Loops: Drums, Bass, Synth, Pads)
  • 124 BPM

Total Number Of Files:

  • 292
  • 2.16 GB

Vandalism – Ultra Trap Vocals 2

‘Ultra Trap Vocals 2’ is an insane Trap vocal samples collection, packed to the brim with dirty, powerful and vulgar trap vocal samples.

If you wanna be the biggest, baddest beatmaker in the business, you gotta get some serious vocals to assert your authority!

This pack includes vocal phrases, pre-drop vocals and shouts. All of the samples are 100% royalty-free and they are perfect for any other genre beyond the Trap!

Pack Contents:

  • 56 Vocal Samples
  • 21 Vocal Phrases (4bars)
  • 13 Shouts
  • 21 DRY and 21 WET Phrases
  • 128 BPM

Total Number Of Files:

  • 55
  • 69.9 MB

Audentity Records – Vocal Electro Pop

Vocal Electro Pop is the latest samplepack by Audentity Records and continues their explorations in high quality vocal and pop samples.

For this pack, Dutch Vocalist Robinz worked together with our producers team to create a vocal & music pack that fits exactly with the current pop sound.

Vocal Electro Pop contains 801 samples to create genres like Indie Pop, Electro Pop, Future Pop, RNB, Trap and many other styles.

All instrumental loops are accompanied by the unique vocal loops recorded by vocalist Robinz.

With 5 complete acapellas and 5 kits filled with an amazing amount of detailed tones and melodies. The kits have been spread and split up in different categories including Music Loops, Bass Loops, Vocal Phrases, Drum loops and more.

The pack contains 5 Acapellas, split up in 128 Vocal Leads, Harmonies and Backings, Full & Main Vocals, Vocal Phrases, Vocal SFX, 191 Music Loops, 13 Bass Loops, 130 Drum Loops, 26 MIDI files, 9 SFXs and 121 Drums, 24 Melodic One Shots and 15 songstarters.

All loops are key and BPM labelled for better usage.

Pack Contents:

  • 5 Songs
  • 5 Acapellas
  • Backing Vocals & Vocal Chops, Doubles
  • 141 Vocal Phrases, Harmonies, Adlibs, Chops
  • 191 Music Loops (wet & dry)
  • 13 Bass Loops
  • 130 Drumloops
  • 26 MIDI Files
  • 9 SFX
  • 121 Drums
  • 24 Melodic One Shots (in 4 keys)
  • 17 Songstarters

Total Number Of Files:

  • 618
  • 1.68 GB

Catalyst Samples – Vocal House Anthems

This pack provides fresh and forward-looking bass, drums & synths, vocals and acapellas to take producers into 2020 with a bang!

5 Full Tracks were created for this project… we tick all the elements you need in your melodic vocal production.

We also provide additional adlibs to spark new ideas. Save the costs of hiring vocalists, production time & splitting fees with these 100% royalty-free samples.

No further copyright needed. If you download this legally you have full rights to any of the vocals at no additional cost!

Drawing on labels such as spinnin deep, ultra records & artists such as Calvin Harris, Avicii & EDX. Bring that summer feel to your next track with bass, synths, plucks, pianos, strings, fx & vocals.

Full Vocal lines to give your track that topline it needs, or dive into any of our melodics or beats for instant melodic house bliss. 190+ files of vocals, music, drums & midi. Anything you hear in the demo is available in the pack!

Pack Contains:

  • 5 Vocal Kits
  • 23 MIDIs
  • 21 Bonus Vocals

Total Number Of Files:

  • 190
  • 390 MB

Diginoiz – Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4

‘Modern pop Vocal Chops 4’ Ladies and gentlemen! We are proud to present next part of our vocal chops pack called Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4.

These samples are ready to be a part of your upcoming smash hits, no matter if it’s going to be a Pop, Club or even Hip Hop or R&B tune!

Here you will find 50 melodic and dynamic vocal chops in two versions: wet and dry (with some effects). Root key and tempo are mentioned in the file description for the ease and speed of use. You will simply love this pack!

PLEASE NOTE: All instruments other than vocal chops are not INCLUDED in this pack. ‘Modern Pop Vocal Chops 4 contains only vocal samples.

Pack Contents:

  • 100 loops (50 wet and 50 dry) (24-bit WAV)

Total Number Of Files:

  • 100
  • 184 MB

Angelic Vibes – Love Letter – Female Vocal Pack

Love Letter is sure to spark new ideas and add flavor to your Chill R&B, Pop and Trap genre productions.

Featured is an essential collection of beautifully recorded Vocal Phrases, Vocal Melodies and Bonus Vocal Loops.

The Vocals are provided as Raw recordings or Mixed with Autotune and Reverb.

In detail, there are 100 words and phrases, 40 ambient mixed vocals, and 35 melodic vocal loops and chops.

Pack Contents:

  • 175 Female Vocal Samples
  • Words, Phrases, Melodies
  • Raw and Mixed Vocals
  • Bpm and Key Labeled
  • 100% Royalty-Free

Total Number Of Files:

  • 175
  • 166.5 MB

Seven Sounds – Darkest Pop Vol.2

We present to you volume 2 of ‘Darkest Pop’ Halloween Edition.

With incredible environments and spooky sounds and incredible vocals. Includes Pads, Piano, Drum Loops, Top Loos, MIDI files, Vocoder, Instrumental Loops, Kick, Hats, amazing creepy One Shots and much more.

Inspired by Melanie Martinez, Lorde, Marilyn Manson and Billie Eilish. This content is 100% royalty-free and can be used in any way.

Pack Contents:

  • 1 Double Vocals Dry
  • 1 Double Vocals Wet
  • 3 Vocoder Vox Dry
  • 3 Vocoder Vox Wet
  • 4 Main Vocals Dry
  • 4 Main Vocals Wet
  • 10 Atmospheric Vocals
  • 10 Fx
  • 12 Midi
  • 20 Creepy One shots
  • 24 Instrumental Loops
  • 30 Drum Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 122
  • 297 MB

Skeleton Samples – Dark Vocals

Welcome to ‘DARK VOCALS’ a huge array of dark vocals to give your track that extra something.

If your track is lacking that killer line, or even to spark instant creativity, this pack is for you. Touching on tech house, techno, g house, house, deep house, future house, EDM, just to name a few. For maximum control, we give you both wet and dry versions of each vocal.

Pack Contains:

  • 120 Vocal Loops
    • 60 Wet
    • 60 Dry
  • 14 Bonus Loops

Total Number Of Files:

  • 120
  • 79.6 MB

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