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Future Beats
Future Beats

Future Beats

(2 reviews)
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HYPE SOUNDS PRESENTS FUTURE BEATS, the premiere pack features 90 patches to create stunning and dynamic music in a variety of future influenced genres. This pack contains patches inspired by artists such as Flume, XXYYXX, Tchami, Waveracer, DJ Snake, Pusher, etc… and contains patches to help you achieve sounds right out of the box that you can write ear catching beats with these sounds. These sounds are guaranteed to up the energy of the mix, and deepen your arsenal of quality sounds and tools at your disposal for both amateur and veteran producers. If you have been interested in future sounds, this pack is worth having in your back pocket.

This pack is an absolute powerhouse of sounds featuring sounds from leads to basses to really fill out your mix:

32 patches intended for monophonic use as leads, a diverse collection of sounds that features Waveracer arps, plucks, saws, horns, and vocal formant synths. These sounds are to ear catching although auxiliary and meant to compliment the rich harmony that is staple in future beats.

29 synths for harmonic polyphonic and chord voicing, the bread and butter sounds, which provide the rich harmony for your future tracks. How could we call it a future pack if not containing copious patches inspired by Flume, featuring intricate filter play, as well as tons of rich and evolving pads, stabs, organs and saws, and other chord sounds to give your future tracks rich harmony.

29 bass sounds to provide the low end power to set the energy of the mix. with all the rich low end you need with plenty of clean subs and basses to give your future tracks that energy that you need from strong staccato future bass stabs to sustained and knocking 808’s if future bass is more your speed.

If future inspired music is your game, this pack has everything you need to get making incredible and elaborate tracks immediately out of the box. It is a no-brainer. You have got to have this pack.

Want to watch HYPE SOUNDS in action? Check out the tutorial vid below!

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