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Ultimate Vocal Processing Got a catchy vocal hook that‘s being destroyed by your mix? Do you...
Vocal Processing - The Ultimate Guide
Vocal Processing - The Ultimate Guide

Ultimate Vocal Processing

Got a catchy vocal hook that‘s being destroyed by your mix? Do you know how to build a track around a killer vocal? Want to learn how the pros make their vocals sparkle? From plugins to processing, special effects to insider tips, Ultimate Vocal Processing is a 5-part video course specifically designed to show you how to get the best result from your vocals.

Whether its lead vocals, backing vocals or both, this course gives you a complete walkthrough of working with vocals both on their own and, most importantly, in context with your overall mix.

If you’re serious about music production and want to make use of vocal elements in your tracks you’ll definitely want to check this out!

If You Want To Know How The Pro’s Do It – This Is It!


Course Overview

Whatever your skill level, this course will shed new light on processing and working with vocals. In just over 90 minutes you will discover proven techniques that you can start applying to your productions straight away.
There is so much detail in every one of the 5 videos included in Ultimate Vocal Processing and by the end of this course you’ll have countless options to ensure your vocals sound as good as they do in your imagination.

Course Detail – Fundamentals

Part 1 – Vocal Basics, Tuning, Alignment

Get started by tuning and aligning your vocal. Learn how to apply subtractive EQ and make use of plugins like Melodyne, Autotune and Vocalign to prepare your vocals for their place in your track.

Part 2 – Vocal Chains

Discover a bunch of great plugins and work flows that you can use to create a custom vocal chain. This involves EQ, Compression, FX, Bussing and other tricks for processing your vocals. Get a walkthrough of some of the most useful all-in-1 plugins that will allow you to pull up a vocal sound quickly and effectively.


Course Detail – Smart, Proven Vocal Techniques

Part 3 – Vocals That Cutting Through Your Mix

This is a very important lesson because if your vocals don’t cut through your mix then all the processing in the world won’t help! Learn how to apply double compression and parallel compression and pick up essential techniques for side chaining your vocals, spreading and panning and other mix tricks that will help you to achieve a powerful vocal presence.

Part 4 – Background Vocals

Insider tips and tricks for FX and settings that you can use to help with backing vocals and double vocals. This is key in getting a great vocal! You may not want a big chorus of voices, but subtle low doubles are incredible.

Part 5 – FX

We wrap up the course with some fun vocal processing in action including reverse vocal reverb fx; special fx using TV and radio filters; and using delay throws to give your vocals and track dynamic movement.

About Your Tutor

Austin Leeds has the kind of technical and creative talent that makes other producer’s swoon. Most of us have listened to one of his sets and wondered how he gets such a seamless production mix and now here’s the chance to learn first hand!
Take a masterclass from a man who’s tracks consistently achieve go-to status in the sets of Deep Dish, Sasha and Digweed and has collaborated with the likes of Jimmy Van M, Cass & Slide, Mara, Deep Funk Project, Innate, Nu-breed, and Origin.

Course Features

  • 93 minutes of professional video instruction
  • 5 indepth videos each giving a thorough walkthrough of essential elements of working with Vocals

> Vocal Basics, Tuning, Alignment
> Vocal Chains
> Vocals That Cut Through Your Mix
> Background Vocals
> FX

  • Understand both Theory & Practice with an accomplished Producer
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

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