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Do you want to get insanely fast with Ableton Live and learn tons of the power features? Do you...
Vespers - Audio Weapons
Vespers - Audio Weapons

Do you want to get insanely fast with Ableton Live and learn tons of the power features?

Do you want to be writing better music faster? Audio Weapons is Vespers’ flagship course where he takes you through his personal track writing process, showing you all the pro-tips along the way.

Hundreds of students have now taken and attested to the huge gains possible in a very short time with this program. Vespers is known for teaching all the secrets and holding nothing back. True to this reputation, he’ll be including tons of his custom Racks, samples, presets, and templates.

The concept of Audio Weapons is to give you real world, practical training in sound design, synthesis, and music production by taking you inside the studio with Vespers while he writes a track from start to finish. You learn how to set up an advanced production template so that when you’re inspired, you can hit the ground running.

Vespers shows you how to decode the arrangements and song structure of songs you like, and to learn from them and apply their sequencing secrets in your tunes. There are also huge modules on bass sound design and building deadly drum kits, as well as advanced MIDI programming techniques to get your stuff sounding pro.

Real world, practical training in sound design, synthesis, and music production

Vespers Audio Weapons Production Template Includes

  • A gigantic Drum Rack containing multitudes of kicks, snares, toms and hats
  • Synth patches for Massive, Razor, and Operator
  • The “Daddy’s Home” bass Rack with over 50 phat bass patches, all processed with Universal Audio analog emulations
  • The “Rock Solid” sub bass instrument for deadly subs
  • A white noise generator and processing Rack for builds, drops and pumping white noise
  • The “Atomic Bomb” sub drop & impact Rack for huge breakdowns and drop effects
  • Several Racks and instruments for generating epic risers and transition effects
  • Multitudes of custom, dub-step inspired bass “Woofer Kandy” wobble bass samples, pre-loaded into Samplers
  • 9 custom send and return Racks for parallel processing

What You’ll Learn

  • Template set: Building a kickass template that will act as your starting point, a sonic palette of sounds from which you can write a professional sounding track in minimal time.
  • Song arrangement: Special song arrangement techniques that’ll keep your inspiration flowing so you don’t get stuck.
  • Kick sound design: Using layered samples and special processing & EQ techniques to get a tight, punchy kick drum.
  • Snare and hat sound design: Selecting the right samples, pitching percussion to add impact, and bus compression get a heavy snare and sizzling hi hats.
  • Drum & parallel processing: Using New York style compression and transient envelope shapers to give our percussion more of an edge.
  • MIDI drum programming: MIDI programming tips to help you quickly build exciting drum patterns with variation and humanization.
  • Bass sound design: Bass sound design in Native Instruments Razor and processing with distortion, filters, compression, limiting and sidechain compression to the kick.
  • Bass modulation: Playing in bass with a MIDI keyboard, creating slides with the pitch wheel, and modulating with FX macros.

Fast Track Your Skills

  • Sub bass: Adding a sub layer to our bass with Ableton’s Operator & designing sub drops in Native Instruments Massive.
  • Advanced bass sound design: Creating a nasty, multi-oscillator patch in Massive and modulating it using Performers and Envelopes.
  • Bass multi-band effects processing: Splitting our bass into 3 separate frequency bands and processing each band with a special chain of FX to hype things up.
  • Bass in Ableton Sampler: Using the multi-patch bass rack included in the course, which has 50 huge bass patches in one Sampler.
  • Lead keys: Adding in some distorted lead keys from Native Instruments B4 organ.
  • Song structure & recording from Session into Arrangement view: How to easily get your song structure from Session View and record it into Arrangement View.
  • Breakdowns, build ups & epic drops: Effectively using these in your song.
  • Transition effects: How to create unique transition effects, like reverse reverbs, FX risers and fallers to keep your song flowing

Over 9 hours of in-depth, HD video instruction.

Includes Vespers’ most advanced and action-packed Ableton production template that he personally uses to write tracks:

We guarantee you’ll walk away from this course knowing how to:

Make huge bass sounds that DOMINATE the perfect frequency ranges to drive the low end of your track.
Design phat and punchy drums and program them with special MIDI ninja tricks.

” Vespers just “has it.” He knows the issues that will trip you up and has ready, easy-to-understand answers for those very questions. There were many little things that gave me “Eureka!” moments, but probably the single most valuable thing I learned is to see the track begin and end – to see the entire process from start to finish was invaluable. Highly recommended. I will sign up for any intermediate or advanced seminars Vespers chooses to give.

– Douglas Grimm

” The course was phenomenal. I didn’t know I could learn so much in such a short time. The “gaps” I had in my production knowledge from self exploration over the past couple years were all filled in, from basic sound design, to midi programming, to mix down, and more. I feel I truly have foundational knowledge needed to use Ableton. I am excited to write/produce music again! Thank you Vespers! I look forward to participating in future courses. 🙂

– Jason Figg

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