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  Synthesis in Logic Pro X 14 videos totaling 2.5 hours of expert tuition show you how to bend...
Synthesis in Logic Pro X
Synthesis in Logic Pro X


Synthesis in Logic Pro X

14 videos totaling 2.5 hours of expert tuition show you how to bend Logic Pro X to your sonic will. Discover how to create and manipulate custom-made sounds without ever having to leave your DAW.

Improve the way you work with Logic Pro X and gain the freedom and creativity to make the sounds and songs you hear in your head a musical reality


Make The Sounds You Want. Learn To Use Logic Pro X Software Like A Pro.


Lesson 1 – Introduction to Synthesis

Some viewers will already be well versed in the topics we discuss in this video, however, if you’re new to synthesis and/or Logic Pro X it’s essential that you have a good grasp of common synthesiser parameters such as oscillators, waveforms, filters, envelopes, modulation, LFO’s, polyphony and synth voices. Get a refresher on the basics of synthesis in this intro video and start putting this knowledge into practice in subsequent course videos.

Lesson 2 – EFM1, ES E & ES M Synths

These synths have been with Logic for some time now, often overlooked in favour of some of the more feature rich synths available in Logic Pro X. These synths are surprisingly powerful and capable of outstanding sounds. Learn how to craft future house & garage FM bass sounds with EFM1, make warm pads with ES E and finally, create an acid bass with the ES M synth.


Lesson 3 – Deep Chords with Vintage Electric Piano

The vintage electric piano instrument is a faithful Rhodes emulation. Take a look at its features and learn how, in combination with the Chord Trigger MIDI FX, you can create warm, rich Rhodes chords.

Lesson 4 – Sub Bass with EXS24

In its default state the EXS24 sampler loads a pure sine wave, when pitched down this makes the EXS24 the ideal sub bass synth. Find out how to implement a bunch of new sub bass production techniques into your productions.

Lesson 5 – Adding Weight to Kick Drums with Test Oscillator

Further to adding sub bass with the EXS24, the Test Oscillator is also capable of producing pure sine waves you can tune. In this video, you’ll step through how to use the Test Oscillator to add sub frequencies to a kick drum.


This instructive video course takes you through a wide range of sound types employing Logic Pro X’s most powerful synthesizing tools. 14 comprehensive videos not only give you step by step instructions on exactly how to make professional sounds for both classic and trending genres, they also set you up with the general skills to start experimenting with your own creative ideas.

Every pro has a coach. Our videos allow you to get professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and add the new skills to your existing chops.


Lesson 6 – Vocoding with EVOC20 Polysynth

Learn how to set up the EVOC20 Polysynth as a vocoder. You’ll see exactly how to add a vocoder to vocals, look over some of the features on the EVOC20 and add the vocoder to some drum loops for some unique percussive hooks.

Lesson 7 – Legato Trap lead with Retro Synth

In this video you’ll discover how create a legato lead with Retro Synth and further your knowledge of the legato playing style. This type of lead and this type of synthesis has been synonymous with Trap production over the years.


Lesson 8 – Synth Chords with Alchemy

In this video we explore different techniques for creating synth chords with the Alchemy synthesiser. Alchemy’s four noise sources all with independent tuning control make it perfect for creating rich techno chords. You’ll also discover modulation options you can use in Alchemy to further sculpt and shape your sounds.

Lesson 9 – Oscillator Sync, Wavetable and FM synthesis with Retro Synth

Explore 3 additional modes in Retro Synth – Oscillator Sync, Wavetable Synthesis and FM (Frequency Modulation) Synthesis. Find out how each of these modes differ from one to the next and also the different modulation options on offer in each mode.


One of the world’s most popular Digital Audio Workstations, Logic Pro X features heavily in many producer’s workflows. You might already be familiar with how to use Logic to arrange and finetune your tracks but what happens when you just can’t find the perfect sound for your drop or drum loop?

Synthesis in Logic Pro X introduces you to a whole new creative use for this mega software. With 2.5 hours of indepth course material you’ll learn how to put Logic Pro X to work designing and synthesizing sounds from scratch. From Deep chords to Trap leads and Sub bass to vocoders, your journey to achieving the perfect sound starts here!

We’ve got you covered. Our world-class video tutorials will make you cool and confident as you take simple, powerful steps to build the sounds you hear in your cranium.
Each knob, oscillator, control, effect, filter and more demonstrated in front of your eyes with easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours! Your music will be built on a solid foundation, and you’ll be light years ahead of other producers.


Lesson 10 – Drum Synthesis with Alchemy

Explore drum synthesis techniques using Alchemy. Discover practical techniques for synthesising your own kick drums, hi hats, percussion sounds and snares.

Lesson 11 – Reese Bass Sound Design in Alchemy

Learn how to design your own reese bass from scratch. Starting with the classic reese bass you’ll learn how develop your sound further taking influence from more modern reese bass sounds.

Lesson 12 – Neuro Bass techniques with Alchemy and the MSEG’s

Alchemy’s MSEGs (multi stage envelope generators) are incredibly powerful and take modulation options within the synth to a whole new level. Uncover all the editing features you have at your disposal with the MSEGs and how you can use them to create complex neuro bass tones.


Lesson 13 – Special FX Design with Alchemy

A must-watch sound design lesson on designing a variety of sweeps and impacts using Alchemy. From creating a series of noise sweeps to different special FX sounds and further exploring modulation options using the MSEGs and creating tempo synced risers.

Lesson 14 – Synth Arpeggio’s with Alchemy

In the final video in this series get an in depth understanding of Alchemy’s advanced Arpeggiator features. Also find out how to use the arpeggiator in combination with the step sequencer to create unique synth arpeggios and sequences.


With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British producer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts. Drawing on years of experience as both producer and tutor he’s able to explain using appropriate examples and insights that give you both a genuine understanding of mixing and actionable production skills.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

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