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Learn Reveal Sound Spire in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT! Reveal Sound’s Spire,...
2.7 stars, based on 3 reviews Spire Masterclass - Every Feature & Function Explained
Spire Masterclass - Every Feature & Function Explained

Learn Reveal Sound Spire in hours, not weeks. MAKE THE SOUNDS YOU WANT!

Reveal Sound’s Spire, is an attractive and capable software synth for sound designers of almost every genre. A strong foundation in subtractive synthesis combined with surprisingly adaptable wavetable and waveform features delivers something for everyone from design purists, to commercial edm producers. Spire’s unconventional hybrid-style features have attracted a dedicated and rapidly growing cult following in just a few short years.

ADSR’s Spire Masterclass provides an overview and explanation of every knob, feature and slider in the synth and shows you how to create leads, basses and plucks. Find out why Spire is so popular and how to get what you want out of this beast of a soft synth!

The Full Power of Spire At Your Fingertips!

MODULE 1: Introduction to the Course and Spire:

This module introduces you to Spire and all the elements you see when you load the synth. Don’t be fooled by the simple one-page layout of this synth, it’s an awesome piece of software that’s much more than its EDM-centric library might suggest. By the end of this module you will be able to navigate the different sections laying the groundwork for the rest of the course.
PART 1 – Introduction – This video covers the basics of what Spire is and how it operates.

PART 2 – Layout Part 1 – Get familiar with the top strip of Spire so you can do things like load presets, save banks and change the voicing modes.

PART 3 – Layout Part 2 – Finish getting a feel for every section of Spire and where the key features are.

It’s impossible not get excited when introduced to the scope of features and creative possibilities on offer

MODULE 2: Spire Basic Features & Functions

Spire features 4 oscillators and 2 filters both with multiple modes. There’s a lot to discover here with so many synthesis options available. Gain a better understanding of general synthesis as you walk through all of the functions of Spire’s Oscillators and Filters.

PART 4 – Oscillators – Learn about Spire’s unique oscillator structure and how you can use them to create highly unique sounds.

PART 5 – Filters – This section dives into the filters in Spire. If you’ve ever wanted to own an Virus, you’re in luck! Spire comes with Virus filter emulations among others.

If you’re ready to get started crafting complex sounds, you’ve come to the right place!


4 core modules broken into 15 videos that will teach you everything you need to know to use Spire like a pro. With this highly focused course you will be amazed how quickly you can learn to use this polyphonic software synthesizer.

We’ve got you covered. Our world-class video tutorials will make you cool and confident as you take simple, powerful steps to build the sounds you hear in your head.

Each knob, oscillator, control, effect, filter and more is broken down into easy to follow instructions that get you up to speed fast. Rather than months and years of endless trial and error, you’ll be up and running within hours! Your music will be built on a solid foundation, and you’ll be light years ahead of other producers.

MODULE 3: Spire Modulation and FX

Spire’s modulation capabilities may come as a surprise but after a few minutes tinkering with the envelopes, unison and the step sequencer, you’ll quickly understand why this synth is such a cult favourite. In this module you will get to know all of the various fx and modulation features in Spire.

PART 6 – Unison – Learn how to control the unison voices inside of Spire for sounds like Supersaws.

PART 7 – FX Rack – Spire comes with a bunch of great sounding effects that can spice up your sounds. Learn what each effect does and how to use it.

PART 8 – Envelopes – Spire takes unique approach with envelope shaping. This video will teach you how to get the most of them.

PART 9 – LFO’s – Learn how to use Spire’s LFO’s for sounds like Wobbles.

PART 10 – Step Sequencer – Spire comes with a very powerful step sequencer. This video covers all the key features and how to use them.

PART 11 – Arp – No synth should be complete without arpeggiator. Spire has very deep one at that!

PART 12 – Mod Matrix – This video covers the basic principles behind a mod matrix in synthesis and more specifically how to use the one in Spire.

MODULE 4: Sound Design with Spire

Now that you’ve got a working knowledge of every knob, feature and slider featured in Spire, its time to take it out for a spin! This module gets you up and running with a series of practical sound design tutorials that show you how to make a bunch of different sound patches from start to finish.

PART 13 – Bass Design – Create a bass patch from scratch!

PART 14 – Pluck Design – Create a pluck from scratch!

PART 15 – Lead Design – Learn how to make an advanced sounding lead for electronic dance genres


With so much to learn it’s easy to feel overwhelmed.

This course offers 15 videos totalling 120 minutes of professional, high-quality guidance right in your own home studio. Play them over and over, as many times as you need to understand the lesson and start making the music you want today!

A Powerful Synth… In The Right Hands – Spire’s unconventional setup might be offputting but it really is one helluva synth! The hybridstyle features of Spire gives so much flexibility an dscope for originality. As you begin to grasp the possibilities be prepared to get inspired like never before!

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