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Music Theory with Michael Maricle You know something about how to use Ableton Live. Perhaps you...
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Music Theory with Michael Maricle

Music Theory with Michael Maricle

You know something about how to use Ableton Live. Perhaps you are already making some dope beats. But when it comes time to put your fingers on the keyboard, do you feel lost, pecking out two finger bass lines at random util you stumble onto something you like?

Music Theory is specifically designed to help you learn how music works, and is ideal for anyone new to music theory. Not only will you learn the basics, but also the fundamental theory concepts that provide deeper, and more useful understanding. And you will learn by practicing things like scales and chords. In this fast-paced two week course, you will experience over 3 hours of super-crisp, HD videos.

Learn the underlying language of music!



  • Video Episodes: 15
  • Total Length: 3 hours
  • DAW Used: Live 9 & Suite 9
  • Downloads: Ableton Live Project Files, PDF’s, exercises
  • Skill Level: All skill levels
  • Over 3 hours of in-depth, super-crisp, streaming HD video instruction training with Michael Maricle, Ableton Live Trainer, musician and recording artist.
  • Downloadable Ableton Live Projects, PDFs and exercise videos used in the instructional material so you can easily follow along and refer back to them when it is over.


This course is jammed full of practical knowledge, explantations, and concise breakdowns of why things work the way they do. And with the included supplemental exercises on practicing scales, building triads and larger chords, this material will continue to be fruitful and aid your music making skills for years to come.



  • How to identify notes on the keyboard.
  • How to play and build scales from any note on the keyboard, including major, minor, and chromatic scales and more.
  • How to build triads, including major, minor, augmented, and diminished, as well as how to invert them.
  • How to recognize notation symbols, including notes, rhythmic values, tempo and dynamic markings.
  • A complete understanding of keys and the Circle of Fifths.
  • A complete understanding of rhythmic values and time signature, from the simplest to most complex.
  • A complete understanding of intervals, from seconds to thirteenths.
  • How to build and invert 7th chords, 9th chords, 11th chords and many more.
  • How to play various interesting and exotic scales from around the world.
  • How to apply music theory concepts like intervals, scales and triads, to a Push controller.


  • A working copy of Ableton Live (any version) is recommended.
  • Headphones or studio monitors.
  • A MIDI keyboard controller is highly recommended. Weighted keys is also recommended.


Whether it be on the piano, in the studio, or on the dance floor, Michael Maricle is devoted to creating music with purpose. He has toured with West Coast jam bands, played in electronic ambient projects in San Francisco, and has been active in the Seattle music scene since 2001. Michael has composed music for films, commercials, and modern dance performances. He also composes for the Monroe Institute, creating binaural beat music for focus, creativity and learning. Michael has released ten albums since the year 2000 in a variety of musical styles, including electronic, downtempo, pop, ambient, neo classical, instrumental piano, and dance music. His sweetly crafted melodic sounds transport the listener through transcendent worlds of imagination, emotion and stillness. By day, Michael works as a musician at the University of Washington Department of Dance, and in the evenings he teaches piano and composes music in his studio in Seattle.

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