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Mixing and Mastering with Jake Perrine Mixing and Mastering are equal parts technical skill and...
Mixing and Mastering with Jake Perrine
Mixing and Mastering with Jake Perrine

Mixing and Mastering with Jake Perrine

Mixing and Mastering are equal parts technical skill and artistic finesse – and you need to develop both to achieve top-tier results. This online course will explore the art and science of the mixing and mastering process.
This course features more than 10 hours of comprehensive instruction divided into three core modules. Also included are a host of supplementary materials such as set templates and racks along with another 9+ hours of bonus content to support your learning.

“You presented the course material with clarity and patience. The course material was excellent, and intense! Therefore, the downloadable webinar videos were absolutely essential. I plan on watching all the videos again in succession while taking notes, then applying these concepts to my songs.

A Huge Resource For Anyone Wanting to Perfect the Art of Mixing and Mastering

Module 1

  • Preparing to Mix: A look at the tools you will need to make a good mix, including your mix room, monitors, sound cards, your ears, and much more.
  • An In-Depth Discussion on “Translation”: How to make mixes that sound good on every system.
  • The Mix Concept: Focusing your mix’s goals so you have a destination in mind as you mix.
  • The Six Dimensions of a Mix: Understanding the various dimensions of a mix and the tools used to work with them.

Module 2

  • Mixing in Live: Ableton Live specific concepts and workflows for using Live to its fullest sound quality.
  • Gain Stages: Efficiently managing gain throughout your Live Set from Clip Gain to Master Output.
  • Metering: Understanding what the pretty lights are telling you!.
  • Plugins: Theory and practice for use on Tracks, Groups, Returns and the Master.

Module 3

  • Export your Mix: Now that it sounds good, what do I do?
  • Mastering: What is it, and what isn’t it? Do I need it, and how do I do it?.
  • Mastering with Ozone 5: Single track vs. an entire album/release.
  • Example Track: Working directly on a track to illustrate all these concepts.

Mixing and Mastering Online Course with Jake Perrine includes:

  • 10+ hours of instructional videos and materials.
  • 9 hours of recorded, video question & answer periods Jake did with a group of students.
  • The Ableton Live set files used in the instructional material so you can easily follow along and refer back to them when it is over.
  • A bonus video series on acoustic treatment for your studio.
  • Real-world applicable knowledge and techniques for improving your mixing and mastering.

Check Out The Bonus Content!

Live Question & Answer Session Recordings
This Course was originally run live, with interactive questions & answer sessions with Jake Perrine. We’ve included the archived, recorded sessions here for you. You’ll benefit from hearing the questions other students asked, as many of them will relate to you. Follow along as Jake answers them and gets deeper into the mixing and mastering process. Each recording is a video file that includes a full screencast from Jake’s computer as he answers the questions and talks back and forth with the students.
Acoustic Treatment Video Series
Part of getting a great mix and master is working in the right environment so you can hear properly. As a special bonus with this Course, we’ve included a series of videos by Vespers on acoustic treatment. In these videos he interviews the CEO and product managers at Primacoustic, a world leader in acoustic treatment. They cover the principles of acoustic treatment, how to select materials and products, plus a full before and after journey through treatment of a real home project studio.

About Your Tutor

Ableton Certified Trainer Jake Perrine will walk you through this complex topic piece by piece and answer your specific questions along the way. Jake was an Instructor in Audio Production for over a decade at the Art Institute of Seattle; is a seasoned mixing and mastering engineer with over 200 album credits to his name; is a composer of electronic music; Performer and DJ; and author of two popular books on Ableton Live 8: Producing Music with Ableton Live and Sound Design, Mixing, and Mastering with Ableton Live published by Hal Leonard.

System Requirements

Minimum requirements are obviously the ability to run Ableton Live 8 so any computer with Mac OS 10.5 & Windows XP or newer will do just fine.

“I appreciated that you took the time to answer each question thoroughly, and patiently. You also respected each question, which is very important. After all, there is nothing worse than an instructor who takes a condescending tone when responding to “beginner” level questions. So I am glad that you welcomed all questions equally.

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