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Melodyne Masterclass 29 instructional videos totalling close to 6 hours of in-depth...
5 stars, based on 1 reviews Melodyne 4 Masterclass
Melodyne 4 Masterclass

Melodyne Masterclass

29 instructional videos totalling close to 6 hours of in-depth demonstration and discussion. Everything from Melodyne’s GUI and using basic features like pitch editing through to Melodyne’s algorithms, remixing vocals and how to create unique instruments using the Sound Editor.

Featuring comprehensive walkthroughs and plenty of practical examples to get you started straight away. If you’re keen to learn just what you can do with Celemony Melodyne then the Melodyne Masterclass is a must watch regardless of what version of the software you use.

Inspiring Audio With Melodyne – Discover Your Potential


Module 1: Melodyne GUI

Module 1 covers the basics of the software. Things like GUI and basic operations.

PART 1 – Introduction – This video covers the scope of the tutorial course and gives general overview of Melodyne.

PART 2 – The GUI – This section covers the GUI (graphical user interface) and how to navigate through the various sections of the software.

PART 3 – Transferring Audio – This video shows you how to capture and transfer audio from your DAW to Melodyne.

PART 4 – Note Assignment Mode – This is probably one of the least understood features in Melodyne. This video will help clarify what this mode does and how to use it.

PART 5 – Pitch Editing – Section 5 covers the basics of editing pitch to tune vocals and other instruments within Melodyne.

PART 6 – Note Editing Options – This video discusses all of the available note editing options that you can use in Melodyne.

PART 7 – Pitch Modulation – The pitch modulation tool is vital to editing vocals in Melodyne. This video will teach you how to use it to get the perfect take.

PART 8 – Pitch Drift Tool – The auto tune tool in Melodyne. If you want to create the auto tune effect or tame the drift of a vocal part, this video will teach you how to do it.

PART 9 – The Time Tool – Melodyne has highly sophisticated time editing capabilities. Whether you need to change the arrangement of a vocal take or switch things up for a remix, this video will show you how.


Module 1: Melodyne Basic Operations

PART 10 – The Time Handle Tool – This video covers how to use a very unique tool to Melodyne. The time handle tool can be uses as a multi-point envelope. One of Melodyne’s more unique features.

PART 11 – Amplitude Tool – The amplitude tool is your volume control when working in Melodyne. This is the perfect tool for taming sections audio that are too loud, or as an alternative to automation in DAW.

PART 12 – Formant Tool – This is a really expressive and potentially creative tool in Melodyne 4. The formant tool allows you to easily (and with high quality results) change the formant of any block of audio. It’s a must have for Trap or Future/Deep House producers.

PART 13 – Time Quantize Macro – Melodyne gives you multiple ways to edit the timing of a given performance. The Time Quantize Macro is a easy way to change the entire rhythm of an audio file or make sure the performance is on beat.

PART 14 – Copy and Past – Melodyne has some unique features when it comes to copy and past. Learn how to use them in this video.

PART 15 – Audio to MIDI – This is a great feature that flies under the radar in Meloydne. Using the audio to MIDI feature is a great way to convert audio loops to MIDI tracks that can then fit perfectly into your productions.


Celemony Melodyne 4 is one of the most complete tools for manipulating and editing audio in the world of audio production.

You can pitch correct vocals with it, you can create doubles, you can make harmonies out of only one track, you can perfectly edit the timing of any audio track, percussive or otherwise. Melodyne is the ONLY software that can analyze polyphonic audio and allow you to edit individual elements like notes and chords. Melodyne is an essential part of any serious producer’s set up.

In this comprehensive tutorial course, Echo Sound Works will show you how to not only use Melodyne 4 Studio, but how to create with it as well.


Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network. He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a producer.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, Echo easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand them. By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

Module 2 Melodyne Algorithyms

2 working-with-polyphonic-audio-in-melodyne
PART 16 – Working With Polyphonic Audio – It is truly miraculous how Melodyne handles polyphonic audio. This video will cover what you need to know to start editing instruments like piano and guitar in Melodyne.PART 17 – Pitch Correcting Polyphonic Instruments – In this video, we look at how to take a piano that needed to be tuned and bring it back to concert pitch all inside of Melodyne.
PART 18 – Working with Drum Tracks – This video covers everything you need to know about editing drum grooves in Melodyne.PART 19 – Universal Algorithm – The Universal Algorithm is a great tool for creating remixes or adding a unique sonic flavor to your productions. Learn how to use it and create some unique breakdowns in your music.


Module 3: Working with Melodyne

Module 3 builds on the concepts learned in the first two modules and looks at how to implement them into real world situations.

PART 20 – Creating Vocal Doubles – Melodyne can create very realistic sounding doubles. Learn how in this video.

PART 21 – Vocal Harmonies – This video will show you how to create harmonies and write harmonies using the Melodyne.

PART 22 – Remixing Vocals – In this video, we take a vocal that was recorded for a Progressive House track and change the melody to fit a Future House production.

PART 23 – Working with Rap Vocals – This section shows you how to edit rap vocals in Melodyne. We look at general tips and tricks as well as creative concepts.


Module 4: Melodyne Sound Editor

Module 4 looks at the Sound Editor and advanced audio manipulation tools in Melodyne.

PART 24 – Sound Editor Overview – This video covers the basics of the Sound Editor in Melodyne.

PART 25 – Sound Editor Emphasis and Dynamics –These two modules in the Sound Editor can drastically alter the quality of your audio. It’s a great sound design tool!

PART 26 – Sound Editor Harmonics – This video dives deep into the harmonic editors and how you can use them to change your audio in Melodyne.

PART 27 – Sound Editor EQ – The Sound Editor EQ is a really versatile and powerful graphic equalizer. This video will show you how to harness it’s power.

PART 28 – Sound Editor Synth – This video will discuss how to use the three internal envelopes in the Synth editor in Melodyne.

PART 29 – Stand Alone Mode – Finally, we look at some of the key differences between the stand alone mode of Melodyne versus the plugin version.

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