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Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum Two of the most common questions people have once they...
Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum
Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum

Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum

Two of the most common questions people have once they start working with Serum are ‘How do I know which wavetable to use in Serum and when?’ followed by ‘How do I know what the warp modes are going to do to that wavetable?

Led by Echo Sound Works, this 2.5 hour video course will help you answer those questions and set you up to master wavetables synthesis using Serum.

Want your technical skills to match your creative aspirations? Get more out of Serum and improve the way you approach sound synthesis skills with proven techniques, tips and tricks. Check out Mastering Wavetable Synthesis in Serum now!

Serum’s Most Powerful & Exciting Features – Yours To Control


Module 1 : Understanding Wavetable Synthesis

This module looks at how wavetable synthesis differs from virtual analog synthesis and how those differences become important in the sound design process.

  • PT1: Introduction – This video details the scope of the course
  • PT2: Serum GUI Overview – A quick, yet thorough overview of Serum’s GUI.
  • PT3: Understanding Basic Waveforms – This video looks at the core of all wavetables, the basic waveform. If you know what each basic waveform sounds like, wavetable synthesis becomes a lot easier!
  • PT4: Why Wavetables Are Unique – Wavetable synthesis is so popular because it can do really unique things. This video looks at that and how it relates to sound design.
  • PT5: 3 Types of Wavetables – Learn the 3 core styles of wavetables in Serum and how you can use them for sound design.
  • PT6: Oscillator Controls – This short video details the basic controls of Serum’s oscillators.

Module 2 : Understanding Warp Modes In Serum

Warp modes are a huge element of sound design in Serum, or at least they should be. Using warp modes will help make a sound more unique and identifiable to a listener. Serum comes packed with a lot of warp modes and this module breaks them all down.

  • PT7: Sync Warp Modes – Learn what this warp mode does and how to use it on certain types of presets.
  • PT8: Bend Warp Modes – These are some of my favorite warp modes for Serum and using these correctly can really make a sound pop out of the mix more.
  • PT9: PWM Warp Mode – Learn how to use pulse width modulation in Serum to create both modern digital sounds as well as analog inspired ones.
  • PT10: ASYM Warp Mode – Learn how to use these three lessor used modes to create some unique sounding wavetables.
  • PT11: Mirror and Flip Warp Modes –This mode creates some pretty intense effects, see for yourself!
  • PT12: Rempa Warp Mode – This warp modes is essentially a waveshaper. Being able to use a waveshaper within a wavetable is incredibly powerful!
  • PT13: Quantize Warp Mode – Learn how to make video game and 8 bit sounds with this warp mode.
  • PT14: FM Warp Mode – FM or frequency modulation is a whole type of synthesis and Serum’s implementation of FM synthesis on an oscillator level is brilliant. Learn how to use it on things like basses and leads in this video.

Module 3 : Creating Custom Wavetables In Serum

In the past, creating custom wavetables took a lot of math and patience. Serum gives you multiple ways of creating custom and unique wavetables to fit your sound. This module looks at my favorite methods and how you can create clean, professional sounding wavetables in minutes.

  • PT16: Creating Custom Wavetables from LFO’s – Learn how to make custom waveforms from simple of complex LFO’s
  • PT17: Custom Wavetable Resample – Learn how to resample serum to create wavetables.
  • PT18: Creating Wavetables from Pictures – Learn how to import pictures into Serum to create wavetables.
  • PT19: The Wavetable Editor – Learn how to create wavetables in the wavetable editor and how to clean up samples in the editor for polished, mix ready results.

New To Serum?

ADSR’s Serum Masterclass provides an overview and explanation of every tab and panel in Xfer Records synthesizer, Serum. If Serum is a sound designer’s dream machine this course gives you the keys to unlock it!

If you’re looking for a complete walkthrough that will set you up with a solid foundation for working with Serum then check out Serum Masterclass – Learn Every Feature & Function of Serum em> a 14-part course, that teaches you the basics of Serum

Course Overview

If you are using Serum like a virtual analog synth like Sylenth or Diva you’re missing out on the vast creative potential that Serum’s wavetables and warp modes possess.

From the foundations of wavetable synthesis to making your own custom wavetables and everything in between, this course teaches you how to use powerful and creative tools to make interesting and unique sounds for your productions.

The end result is a masterclass that will show you how to own wavetable synthesis and how to make Serum work for you to achieve your specific creative goals.

Course Features

  • Over 150 Minutes of professional video instruction
  • 19 in-depth videos divided into 3 Complete Modules that explain the theory and demonstrate useable creative techniques for working with Serum’s wavetables and warp modes
  • Understand Wavetable Synthesis
  • Understand Warp Modes In Serum
  • Learn to create Custom Wavetables In Serum
  • Learn at your own pace, watch as many times as you need to learn the lessons

Over the course of 2.5 hours you will break down the skills, knowledge and techniques you need to improve the way you use Serum and your general understanding of Wavetable synthesis.

About Your Tutor

Echo Sound Works is one of the lead tutors on the ADSR network.

He is also the sound designer behind the hugely popular sound design label Echo Sound Works as well as a producer in his own right.

With his years of experience as a producer, sound designer and tutor, ESW easily explains often complicated topics in a way that anyone can understand. By reinforcing everything he teaches with real world examples, you will come away fully understanding everything presented to you in this course.

If you’re looking to improve your productions and develop some creative production skills, this video course is the place to start!

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