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Logic Pro X Workflow Tips Gain critical skills that will improve both the way you work and the...
Logic Pro X Workflow Tips
Logic Pro X Workflow Tips

Logic Pro X Workflow Tips

Gain critical skills that will improve both the way you work and the way your productions sound.

This Logic Pro X Workflow Tips Course features 4 comprehensive tutorial modules each dedicated to an essential part of a typical music production workflow.

Learn how to get the most out of Logic Pro X when working with MIDI, working with audio and recorded audio, perfecting your arrangement and adding automation.


Work Smarter and get your track moving just the way you want it.


Working with MIDI

Module 1 – Pts 1-4:

Track Stacks – Track stacks is a great way of creating highly customised stacked synth patches. Discover features that allow you to use multiple synths and effects simultaneously and save stacks for recall in other projects

MIDI Transform – MIDI transform gives you a huge amount of control over parameters within a MIDI region. Learn how you can use MIDI transform to control Velocity within a MIDI region.

MIDI Transform Randomise Pitch – Take things one step further with MIDI transform, in particular MIDI Transform Randomise Pitch. Find out how you can use it to resample both a drum loop and a vocal loop.

MIDI Editing – The MIDI editing drop down menu in the Piano Roll features many options for editing MIDI contained within a region. Learn how features such as Select, Trim & Transpose can really speed up your workflow when working with multiple MIDI regions.


Working with MIDI

Module 1 – Pts 5-7:

Time Quantize – Discover ways in which you can quantize the timing of a MIDI recording. As well as discussing quantize you will also look at the Strength and Swing parameters and how they give you further control over the timing of MIDI notes.

Scale Quantize – Scale quantize is a way of snapping MIDI notes to a particular scale – extremely useful for quickly fixing a poorly played phrase or eradicating any ‘bum notes’ from a recording. Get step by step instructions on how to implement this feature.

Q-Flam – Q-Flam is a way of adding flam to MIDI notes, in this video you learn how you can apply a flam effect to some chords and also how to use Q-Flam to create an arpeggio from the same chord hook.


Four distinct modules that will instantly improve your production workflow.

Working With MIDI
Working with MIDI in Logic Pro X involves more than just plug and play software. Gain more control over the way you work with MIDI in Logic Pro X and open up an inspiring array of creative options.

Working With Audio & Recorded Audio
Must-have skills for every music producer – get a strong grasp on the basics of working with audio. This module removes the guess work, saving you time and money while allowing you to create the audio results you’re imagining in your head.

You might think you have a banging hook and an insane breakdown but do you know how to bring it all together and make it sound even more dynamic every time it gets played?

Discover how to give your tracks a professional workover using automation to add those little details that inject energy, create a sense of tension and movement and guarantee instant impact!


Working with Audio & Recorded Audio

Module 2 – Pts 1 & 2:

Take Folders & Quick Swipe Comping – In this video we look at how to use Take Folders and Quick Swipe Comping, a hugely intuitive and effective way of dealing with recorded audio and creating that ‘perfect take’.

Punch Recording – In this video we look at the 2 different methods for ‘punch recording’ in Logic Pro X – ‘Toggle Record’ and ‘Auto Punch’, which are both very effective methods for recording over a section of an existing piece of audio.


Working with Audio & Recorded Audio

Module 2 – Pts 3 & 4:

Strip Silence & Trimming Regions – In this video we look at how to use strip silence to quickly tidy up a live recording, saving huge amounts of time editing out background noise or ‘dead air’ from an audio recording. You’ll also discover some handy shortcuts for editing and trimming audio regions.

Groove Templates – In this video we look at how we can extract a groove from a piece of audio, and then apply those groove settings to both MIDI and audio regions, effectively applying the same feel and swing to all tracks within a project.


  • X minutes of indepth, practical theory and demonstration
  • Essential skills for music producers of all levels
  • Expert insights will improve your workflow – learn how to work smarter and faster!
  • Watch as many times as you need to understand and review
  • Learn at your own pace

Arrangement with Logic Pro X

Arrangement in Logic Pro X

Module 3 – Pts 1 & 2:

Using Loops & Aliases – Discover how both Regions and Aliases work in Logic Pro X and explore the advantages of using either of these methods to effectively sketch out arrangements.

Hide Tracks, Track Stacks, Section Edits – Learn how you can organise and tidy up arrangements using the Show/Hide tracks feature and Track Stacks as well as how effective Track Stacks is for setting up a submix. Then take a look at some very handy arrangement tools – Repeat Section, Cut Section, Insert Section & Insert Silence.


Arrangement in Logic Pro X

Module 3 – Pts 3 & 4:

Working With Track Freeze – When working on a project that is pushing the limits of your computer’s capacity with the CPU at its maximum, Track Freeze can be an effective method for reducing the load, allowing you to continue work on a project without any crashes or glitches on playback. Find out how to use Track Freeze in this video.

Using Varispeed – Varispeed is a very under utilised but extremely helpful tool for auditioning different BPM’s in a project, discover how Varispeed works in this video.


With his informative and approachable manner, experienced British producer, Jonny Strinati, takes the confusion out of complex concepts. Drawing on years of experience as both producer and tutor he’s able to explain using appropriate examples and insights that give you both a genuine understanding of mixing and actionable production skills.

Professional instruction from a working producer. It’s like having your own private tutor!

Logic Pro X Automation Modes

Logic Pro X Automation

Module 4 – Pts 1 & 2:

Automation Modes – A look at how automation works in Read, Latch, Touch and Write modes. Learn how to edit existing automation data using the Trim and Relative modes.

Track And Region Based Automation – Gain a working knowledge of the differences with Track and Region based automation, and the advantages of working with each of these methods of automation.

Automation with Logic Pro X

Logic Pro X Automation

Module 4 – Pts 3 & 4:

Editing Automation – Run through a series of workflow tips for editing automation looking at ‘Snap Automation’, using the marquee tool for effective automation builds, deleting automation, applying curved automation and more.

Recording Automation With A Midi Controller – Learn how to use ‘Automation Quick Access’ and how you can set up a hardware MIDI controller to automate parameters live in Logic Pro X.


That moment when you’ve got the guts of your track down and an idea of where you want it to go but you’ve gone as far as you can and it’s just not hitting it – what’s next?

Get the skills to take your productions to the next level with expert techniques and professional insights.

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