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Bass Science - Learn how to make dubstep growls, wobs and drops in Massive This bumper patch and...
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Bass Science

Bass Science – Learn how to make dubstep growls, wobs and drops in Massive

This bumper patch and tutorial package is most certainly NOT for the faint hearted! Every patch is designed with those heavy growling drops and wobs in mind. Fired up with the very hardest of dubstep bass in the style of Skrillex, Datsik, Excision, Zed’s Dead, Kill the Noise, Ajapai and more, Bass Science’s 75 pure dubstep patches are all locked, loaded and ready to go with the full 8 macros, allowing you to create hundreds of different sounds from each patch with just a few minor adjustments.

With over 2 hours of video tutorials showing you how to get the very best out of each patch, 7 brand new and innovative techniques for creating the darkest drops and wobs around, and extensive video tutoring on external effects processing, frequency splitting, chaining, and midi modulation, Bass Science makes an essential contribution to both your musical arsenal and your theoretical knowledge.

Create heavy growling drops – Not for the faint hearted!

That nasty Skrillex style sound

We focus on the theory behind recreating that coveted first few bars after the drop in ‘Scary Monsters’ and ‘Nice Sprites’. In the pack you have the patches, you have the Ableton project file and you have the tutorials. We show you the science.

  • Skrillex, Ajapai, Zed’s Dead, Kill The Noise, Datsik, Excision and others have undeniably revolutionised the way producers think about basslines in recent times. We show you how. From patch creation through external effects processing to reproduce that most coveted of bassline sounds. With the theory behind the techniques fully explained, step by step, you’ll be creating screaming drops and wobbles in no time.
  • The possibilities are endless. To learn is to emulate, to create is to use your own imagination to take things further.
  • Gain the confidence to set out from scratch, thinking about the vocalisation of your bassline, which filters, EQs and effects to add, how to modulate them, and most importantly, full theoretical knowledge of WHY you are building your patch in this way. Then learn how to make your patches howl and growl with the theory behind adding more effects externally.
  • Our surgically precise tutorials are accompanied by explanations of the theory behind every move, to get you producing sick basslines of your own in no time.

Over 2 hours of detailed video tutorial dissections

Dr Hobo is dedicated to not just to providing you with the sounds that make your productions stand out, but also the techniques used to produce them.

Bass science offers tutorials on:

  • Patch creation, dissecting 7 new and surprising approaches to this most versatile of synthesisers.
  • How to make that Datsik/Excision style roaring wobble bass, the coveted talking drop bassline popularised by Skrillex, nasty distorted Zed’s Dead bassline mayhem, plus 3 highly innovative techniques for squeezing the filth out of Massive’s rottun belly.
  • Learn our incredibly innovative ‘double drop’ and ‘sub sonix’ techniques (more on these later)
  • 3 tutorials on external effects processing, to make these already filthy sounds to explode out of your speakers with the venom that motivated you to get into music production in the first place.Again, this pack is most definitely NOT for the faint hearted.

Why the pack and the sounds is so Special

There are a few ways to learn music production: emulating producers you admire, reverse engineering patches you’ve got your hands on, watching video tutorials, and just plain practice.

Bass Science develops all of these approaches at the same time, and speeds up your learning.

There’s something for everyone: If you want to skip the tutorials and get straight to producing darkstyle dubstep tunes, you have 75 patches ready to go and 8 disgusting macro controls at your fingertips to squeeze the filth out of each one.

If you want to learn how to the patches were made so you can get creating your own, Bass Science has two hours of video tutorials showing you the detailed theory behind every step.

We aren’t teaching you to suck eggs here and we aren’t chucking together loads of variations on the same theme. This is high innovation and you will learn a lot if you put the time in.

More than this, we have three tutorials dedicated to external effects processing to get your drops and wobs sounding like polished filth (you know what I mean).

Bass science gives you not just the tools, but also the theory needed to gain the confidence to set out committing those sounds in your imagination to real life, speaker-pumping, dancefloor-shaking, mind-bending bass in no time.


You’ll learn patch creation from a few new perspectives (that you’ve never thought of!). You’ll also learn traditional additive synthesis in every patch, plus full macro controls to get your sounds pumping in your mix with a few tweaks / on the fly.

  • Our ‘double drop’ has never been used elsewhere. All of Bass Science’s many growlbass drop patches has a single macro controlling the entire evolution of the sound, so you can control exactly how your drop explodes into your mix.But we weren’t content to stop at one… we’ve given you TWO entirely different growlbass drops PER PATCH, each controlled by a separate macro.
  • And as with all of the patches, all of the remaining macros are designed to change the initial sound, so that the drops change too! With just a few tweaks, you’ve got hundreds of different growling, snarling, screaming, talking drops WITHIN EACH PATCH.
  • You can even use both drops together, for that really creative and heavy sound. If that seems complex in writing, don’t worry, it isn’t – and there are tutorials on the theory behind everything described so far, and much, much more.
  • All of the patches have the full 8 macros painstakingly controlled to give you many thousands of different possibilities within each patch, and the ability to evolve your sound on the fly!


75 pure tearing, howling, screaming and talking drops and wobble patches for NI Massive. Including:

  • 20 Skrillex, Zed’s dead, Ajapai styled drops, many of which utilise our innovative and exclusive ‘double drop’ technique.
  • 20 Datsik and Excision styled roaring wobbles. Dr Hobo continues to bring you the very best in that dark, barking, roaring wobble popularised some years ago by the masters themselves.
  • 4 ‘sub sonix’ patches, using a brand new innovative technique on wobble bass creation that we guarantee you’ve never tried. This is one to look out for, it will revolutionise the way you think about and use your synth!
  • 3 of the heaviest reese basslines around. These are floor shakers!
  • 6 mental glitched up robotic talky squelchy darkstyle noises from outer space for those of you who like to mess with people’s minds.
  • 3 monster climbing growl basses in the style of Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites. These rip roaring patches will blow your socks off.
  • A bunch of long attack robotic opener wobs to use creatively and transitionally. You’ll have some fun with these!
  • Much much more! (a lot of these sounds defy categorisation, or even description!) There’s even a couple of sweeps and a cheeky little ‘yoi’ bass in there!
  • EVERY PACTH is fully macro controllable. Switch wavetables, rhythms, filters and FX; modulate filter, FX, EQ, and ‘double drop’ parameters; glitch up, switch up, widen and chop! Get thousands of different sounds out of each patch, and make each one evolve through your tune at twist of a knob (or 8!)

You’re in good company!

Dr Hobo has sold sound to some of the most prominent DJs, producers, and live artists on the planet. We cannot disclose their names due to our respect for confidentiality and the law, but trust me – think big.

Now think bigger.

Now think BIGGEST – yeah, that’s right! We are talking globally renowned platinum selling live dance music artists that have dominated the dance scene for over two decades since the very earliest days of rave. We are talking some of the very innovators and pioneers of the dubstep genre we all love and are grateful for. We are talking about the fact that you HAVE ALREDY HEARD Dr Hobo’s patches in some of your favourite tracks by some of your most respected artists.

The reclusive Hobo scientist’s VIP customer list reads like a who’s who of the dance music and dubstep worlds. Believe us when we say you are in good company when you buy this pack. VERY good company.

So ignore the haters who tell you that you can’t learn from trying to emulate other producers’ sounds. They have no idea how this industry really works! When he surfaces for air, our Bass Science laboratory technician, Dr Hobo politely informs us that emulation is really the ONLY way you can fully get to grips with what your synth is truly capable of. Emulation is also one of the fastest routes to musical innovation!

Far from making dubstep stagnant and repetitive, we truly believe that with the techniques you learn from this pack, you’ll be rocking dancefloors with tracks that significantly BUILD ON what has gone before. So unleash your own creativity and take things in an entirely new direction – YOUR direction.

(Just remember us on your way up, yeah?) 😉

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