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Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class The Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class is a online course...
Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class
Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class

Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class

The Blitz Bass Sound Design Ultra Class is a online course developed by Vespers, Ableton Live Certified Trainer and founder of WarpAcademy.com. It features 23 HD streaming tutorial videos that will showcase how to make bass that will seriously piss off your neighbours!

Some of the hot topics we cover are getting awesome sub bass, getting the kick and sub to work together in the mix, getting good bass with out “muddying” up the low end, multi-band processing, creating huge stereo width, tips for getting the most out of NI Massive synth, FM synthesis, resampling, modulation to add life and movement, plus pro-tips on compression, EQing, and saturation/distortion.

The Blitz Bass Sound Design Template for Live 9 – The course includes an extensive template, packed with tons of tools, presets, Racks, and samples Vespers uses in his own music. Check out the videos below for a full tour of what’s included.

Learn How To Make Bass That Will Seriously Piss Off Your Neighbours!

What You’ll Learn

A note about genres: We’ll be focusing on bass sounds for a variety of genres and the techniques we’ll be covering will be applicable to any genre. Guaranteed there will be something here for you. Here’s the full overview of what we’ll be covering:

  • Your toolbox: The tools you’ll use to make great bass
  • Techniques & theory: Good bass is about the right approach and correct technique
  • Ninja tricks in Massive, getting more out of the world’s most widely used bass synth
  • A world of sub-bass secrets (hint, it’s a LOT more than just a sine wave!)
  • FM bass synthesis in Operator
  • Bass modulation: Getting your bass to come to life
  • Resampling
  • Why you should resample to audio
  • Supersonic audio: Working in higher sample rates
  • Playing nice with the drums: Keeping your bass loud and your drums punchy
  • Better alternatives to sidechaining
  • Advanced bass processing
  • Multi-band Rack building
  • Getting your bass WIDE as f*&k
  • Multi-band stereo field tricks
  • Pro-tips for distortion, saturation, compression & other effects
  • Recommended third party plugins for bass
  • “Must-have” freeware plugins
  • Get the low down on emerging new technology and software you should know about

What You Get

We’re passionately obsessed with your success and believe in delivering far more value than you’re paying for. With this ultra course, you’ll get maximum bang for your buck. Here’s what’s included:

  • Over 20+ HD videos of epic bass production training with Vespers.
  • Downloadable Ableton Live 9 sound design template with tools for bass sound design ($29 value).
  • Includes samples Vespers has custom-crafted with third-party gear and bounced to audio.
  • 600 megs of pristine, 24-bit samples.
  • Instrument Racks and Sampler banks for full spectrum basses and huge subs, 98 patches in total.
  • Key parameters are Macro’d conveniently on the front panel for easy tweakage!
  • Devastating 808s for your trap and hip-hop tunes.
  • Make the PERFECT 808s, uniquely tailored to your tune.
  • Get never before released presets, Racks, samples and patches that Vespers custom developed for his own music.
  • Make your bass sizzle with multi-band processing Racks, widening techniques, and bus effects.
  • Enough sound design tools to make a Swiss Army knife green with envy!

Get the Low Down

We’re going to delve deep into the art of phat, meticulously crafted bass. Vespers has been spending tons of time in the studio with industry insiders and some of the world’s leading sound designers, gathering knowledge and sharing info. He’s going to condense their secret techniques and pro-tips into this ultra class (that’s why it’s called an “ultra” class). Decades of combined experience will get distilled down into this 6 hour, action-packed video course. All killer, no filler. Maximum boost for your bass!

Are you a beginner or intermediate producer? All good. Vespers will break down each step so you can easily follow along. Vespers is known for teaching all the secrets and holding nothing back. True to this reputation, he’ll be including tons of his custom Racks, samples, presets, and templates.


What skill level is this course?
Intermediate to advanced. You don’t need to be a pro, but we do assume you’re familiar with the basics of Ableton Live. If you are a total beginner with Live, start with Live 9 Jumpstart and the Tutorial Library over at Warp Academy, and then Synthesis 101 and Audio Weapons on this site.
Is this course applicable to my genre?

In a word – yes. The techniques we teach can be applied universally to virtually any electronic music genre.
Are there downloads or templates for this course?
Yes. The templates are all done in Live 9 Suite. There are additional versions for Live 9 regular that don’t include the Suite devices. For example, in the Live 9 regular version of the template, we use Simplers in an Instrument Rack instead of Sampler.
What version of Live do I need to use the course?
This course is done in Live 9 Suite. Many of the techniques can also be done in Live 8. A demo of Live Suite is available at https://ableton.com, though be sure and wait until the course begins if you go this route as it will expire after 30 days.
What if I don’t have Live?
This is course is designed to teach concepts, and because of this, Ableton Live itself is not 100% necessary so long as you have a comparable DAW to work with.

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