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The Anthem synth has become one of the biggest sounds in dance music, and this helpful video...

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Designing a Huge NI Massive Anthem Synth

The Anthem synth has become one of the biggest sounds in dance music, and this helpful video walks you through the process of making not just one huge NI Massive anthem synth, but two!

This video is produced by yet another MassiveSynth.com community member who has learned a lot and wanted to share something in order to give back. We love that our community has grown into the world’s largest NI Massive network and is helping thousands of people all over the world master this incredible synth. So as you watch and learn from this video, keep in mind that you probably have something to share with the rest of us, too! We always welcome new contributions, suggestions and requests, so reach out and say hi sometime.

Rather than walk you through both of these great sounds, we will simply highlight some of the things they have in common that you can apply to your own sounds, as the video does a great job of explaining exactly how these particular sounds are created. First off, detuning is something that is necessary in most anthem style synths and these two are no exception. The first NI Massive anthem synth shown is detuned slightly, but that width and phase is enhanced right away by introducing both Ring Modulation and Phasing via the Modulation OSC panel. The second NI Massive anthem synth does not use the Modulation OSC feature, but instead uses a Chorus effect rather than a Reverb for added width, as well as a couple other small differences. Both synths use a Daft filter that has the Cutoff parameter modulated by an envelope that is basically the same in both cases.

Size, width, depth and punch are some of the key characteristics shared by most anthemic synths and there are a few common features and parameters shared between these two synths, too. Obviously the Reverb and Dimension Expander effects add a lot to the size, depth and width elements. Much of the punch in these sounds is from the voicing tab, where the total number of Unisono Voices are increased. This allows for the sound to be stretched even further by spreading the voices out over both the stereo field with the Pan Position feature and spread out with the Pitch Cutoff feature which adds even more width and phasing. The second synth uses twice as many voices and has more intense phasing introduced by the Pitch Cutoff feature, which provides similar results to the first synth’s Modulation OSC setup.

There are more similarities than differences when making any NI Massive anthem synth, so if this is a kind of sound that you use in your productions, this is probably a good tutorial to bookmark and revisit again later to make sure you are getting the most out of it. If you are interested in tweaking either of these particular sounds, a great place to start is swapping out wavetables in the oscillators. This is also a great way to become more familiar to the different wavetables available in Massive and how they can be used.

Remember to shoot us a message before you leave if you have a tutorial request, or would like to share one of your own with the community.

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