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How to make the Benga Wobble from 'I Will Never Change' in NI Massive

We are happy to share yet another nice tutorial from a MassiveSynth.com community member! This time we learn how to recreate the Benga wobble synth from I Will Never Change.


[aside title=”Sweet Chord!“] This phased chord synth has a powerful effect on a song, and it’s seriously catchy![/aside]

In just a couple minutes YouTube user jeevesificationable shows us how to get pretty close the the original sound without much tweaking and leaves plenty of space and opportunity for you to take advantage of Massive and make this sound your own.Using three oscillators, all tuned differently, you get a nice chord effect. And then when the Modulation OSC is brought into play, you can hear the signature sound emerging with the added phasing effect. The sound continues to get wider as it’s made. With this type of sound it’s all about balance, so too much phasing and/or widening at any one point of the sound design process can end up hurting your song in the end if you do not check your mix in mono before bouncing your final version. Many clubs and radio stations run mono, so you need to be aware of the chance of cross cancellation happening with wider phased sounds.

Once the basic sound is made it is run through a Daft filter, and the cutoff is then modulated by an LFO. A dimension Expander is introduced to widen the sound even more, and then a slight adjustment to the EQ is made before you get to hear the sound again. Next the Voicing is turned up to 4 and is set up in Monorotate mode so gliding can be heard in the transition between notes. The final touch for this (at least at this stage) is widening it even more. This synth is big and needs to be heard across the entire stereo field to have the effect that is intended. So here the Pan Position feature is turned on and you can easily hear the effect these last couple steps had on the sound in the last audio example in the video.

All in all, a pretty solid synth for just a couple minutes work. And as I mentioned before, it’s quite easy to make this sound your own in no time. If you have a sound that you would like to share with the community, let us know by contacting us and telling us what you have in mind. If you have a request, we’d love to hear from you too!


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