Examination of the Razor Ensemble for Reaktor – Part 4

The fourth of five parts examining the Razor Ensemble for Reaktor. This video overview shows off Razor’s Dissonance Effects, Stereo Effects, and Dynamic Tools!

In Part 4 of the Razor Ensemble series, YouTube user Greg B continues his overview of the Razor Ensemble. This time he runs through the various effects that the Razor Ensemble has to offer. He gives examples of the multiple parameters for each effect, and shows you how they are used to effect the sound.

This series of tutorials is a great stepping stone for those who are unfamiliar with the Razor Ensemble for Reaktor. It covers everything from loading the ensemble and getting it to function properly, to working with the oscillators and filters in great detail. This is a must see for anyone who has considered using the Razor Ensemble.

Based on additive synthesis, the Razor Ensemble for Reaktor has a dynamic and precise sound that is well suited for a range of instruments. Consisting of 320 partials, the Razor’s sound is immaculately honest. Even when heavily modulated, this beast of a synth remains precise and clear cutting, even through the muddiest of mixes!