273 hi-quality presets 20 demos kits including flp files for Fl studio and construction kits for other daws, and bonus 6 presets for Modern Epic Trance demo.

Check the demos first, this pack is perfect for any trance techno house genre plus games movies and other electronic music styles.

Don’t believe?…once again go for demos.

This is real monsterpack!!!

Kick hi hat and clap generally are just for addition-they are not in the pack.

Zebra2 Monsterpack includes:

Acid -4 presets, also real 303 recreation
Arp’s – 18 presets,- loops and single oneshots
Bass – 62 presets various types typical for different types of genres :
offbeat 4/4 trance , mid hi movers trance, more darky house, hard trance
strong ones,darker more techno, pad bass etc
Fx – 59 presets this section contains single shots, intro stabs, arp fx,
Gate – 17 presets can be used like in lot of ways: lead for trance, fill
for other styles, and even fx sound
Lead – 52 large variety of any kind of lead
Pad – 23 large variety of any kind of pad
Perc – 11 presets
Pluck – 22 large variety of any kind of pluck
Synth- 4 classic sounds
bonus 6 presets for first Modern epic trance demo

Use with care

I’m not responsible for any damage of anything (ears,speakers etc)

This is real monsterpack!!!Price is really good !!! What You waiting
for…Go get it NOW!!!

Foto comes from Pyromagic 2013 in Szczecin,Poland.

This pack was done by Pro Soundesigner Lukas Jankowski in Poznan,Poland.