Zebra Main Room Tool Kit comes loaded with 64 high quality presets for current genres of EDM.

From hard electro style basses and mix cutting leads to snappy plucks and rich pads, this set has a little bit of everything for your mainroom tracks.

If you use Zebra, you know that there are not as many sound sets out for it as some other popular soft synths, but with the Main Room Tool Kit, you now have access to current sounding presets used in all of the most popular genres right now.

These sounds were inspired by artists like Zedd, Alesso, Swedish House Mafia, Armin Van Buuren, Hardwell and Avicii.

Bonus – Kontakt Tool!

We’ve included 27 WAV file drum samples heard throughout the demo as well as a Kontakt Demo Sampler instrument as an added bonus.

We laid out 3 octaves of custom samples (many of which were used for the demo) and mapped them out using Kontakt for a custom drum kit.

The first octave is nothing but kicks, the second octave contains hi hats and cymbals, the third is claps and the fourth octave contains snares.

This set gives you everything you need to make some truly unique EDM tracks right away.

Here is a breakdown of what you get:

–19 Basses

–26 Leads

–5 Pads

–11 Plucks

–3 Wobbles

–27 Drum Samples WAV format

– Custom Kontakt Drum Kit