Hi Friends

I suggest this sound bank to those who like to hear a new Sounds from Ni Massive .

You will find 100 Ambient / Breakbeat / Chillout / Cinematic / Deep / Experimental / IDM / Texture … Sounds for Ni Massive in this Sound Bank .

Please note these items to make this 100 massive presets more useful and Enjoyable .

1 – All sounds are made up of several layers and was linked to

8 Macro Controls , check the Macro Controls for hearing the

Layers of sounds .

2 – All sounds are SQ / Rhythmic and very useful for Ambient /

Experimental / IDM Music and Background / Atmosphere for

Cinematic and Video games Projects .

3 – In this Sound bank My main focus is on the C2 / C3 key

Octave , check that keys for more Bass and powerful Sound .

4 – Some of the sounds made by long attack and 8 or 16 bar Lfo

or SQ so hold them longer .

5- Each sound has its own Character and title ,

Note the Sounds names .

Demo : The sounds in the demo is only Massive sounds and I did not Used any drum loop or Fx sound .

Format : nmsv

I appreciate you and i hope you enjoy the sound bank .


Payam ( Siamak ) Tavakoli