*Note: The demo track features Thrash DI on all rhythm and lead guitars, run through various amp sims.

Thrash DI brings you a deeply multisampled six-string guitar for Kontakt 4 & 5, recorded via direct input for maximum flexibility.

Just add your favorite amp sim and you’re ready to melt faces, rock hard, or do whatever else it is that you’d like to do with a sampled guitar.

We won’t judge you.


The focus is on metal playing techniques, including three varieties of palm-mutes with lots of round robin samples.

You also get a step sequencer we’ve dubbed The Riffmaker, which makes making riffs as fun as clicking on a little grid of squares.

As a composer myself, I know how much we all love little grids of squares!


In all seriousness (and metal is serious business!), Thrash DI was designed to be a versatile and expressive instrument to help you realize your most blistering, brutal metal ideas.

Here are some bullet points to enumerate the features of the library:

/ 650MB of samples /252MB .rar download
/ A brutal battery of metal articulations
/ Powerchord 5th sustains (4xRR)
/ Three staccato downstroke styles
/ Palm muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
/ Half muted (11xRR) in triads, 5ths, and single string
/ Open Staccatos (8xRR) in 5ths and single string
/ Staccato upstroke release samples for fast riffing
/ Staccato palm muted harmonics (8xRR)
/ Tremolo powerchords and single string sustains
/ Single note sustains (4xRR, 2 velocity layers)
/ Single note techniques
/ Light Vibrato
/ Heavy Vibrato
/ Slide-ups
/ Pinch Harmonics
/ Special Effects
/ harmonic sweeps
/ dives and rises
/ fret noises
/ The Riffmaker
/ A versatile step sequencer
/ stores up to 12 riff patterns
/ transpose your riffs up and down the keyboard
/ use keyswitches to swap between riffs on the fly
/ .wav files are open for you to browse/alter.
/ Requires the full version of Kontakt 4/5

You can check out Thrash DI’s documentation here:

Learn about the Riffmaker: