Optimal Sound Design presents Synths Of Ages.

A 128 patch library for Logics ES2 featuring both vintage and modern sounds.

For easy navigation the patches have been categorised into Lead, Bass, Acd, Pluck, Stab, Key, Pad, Seq, Drum and FX.

Extensive use of the ES2s modulation routing and wave sequencing have allowed for the creation of some highly expressive and dynamic patches.

If you’re in need of nostalgic Jarre/Vangelis pads, keys, Sequences and atmospheres or want the haunting or cutting leads, plucks and stabs of contemporary EDM you’ll find them here.

SOA is a treasure trove of classic synth timbres.

It also serves as a useful educational tool for producers who want to learn more about sound design in the ES2.

Please listen to the audio promo to enjoy some infamous synth tones and inspire your next project.

A full install guide and tips on getting the most from the patches is supplied.

(All Sounds are from the SOA library apart from the piano motif. Subtle use of Delay and Reverb plugins were used as the ES2 doesn’t feature any time based effects of its own. Gentle EQ has been used to balance the sounds in the mix)

BANK INFO: Acid 6, Bass 23, Drums 6, FX 15, Keys 8, Leads 17, Pads 21, Plucks 12, Sequences 9, Stabs 10 Full Init preset.