Spektrumsynth is a powerful Reaktor synth with a wide variety of capabilities. It features multiple synthesis technologies combined into one instrument: Wavetable, FM, subtractive, granular and noise shaping.

Performance is enhanced with 4 “Interaktor” modules, which are a combination of arpeggiator and step sequencer.

With huge modulation routing capability, over 65 target parameters can be controlled simultaneously with recordable movement paths performed on the Animator Pad.
Individual synthesizer sections can be controlled from a split keyboard, or stacked for complex and wonderful combinations.

Modulation ranges can be controlled by other modulators, similar to the “Sidechain” functions of Massive.

Multiple filter types include FM-capable Pro52 filters. Signal paths are very flexible to access the filters.


    • Wave-table synthesis with signal routing to 5 filters (based on a modified OKI Computer instrument)
    • Granular synthesis with independent multimode filter
    • 2 Solo mono/poly synthesizer modules with oscillator sync, 2 arpeggiators and 2 separate multimode filters
    • FM synthesis
    • Individual noise generator module with filter
    • Mixer for separate filter signals
    • Independent Unison voice stacking and detuning options for wavetable and Solo sections
    • 6 Individual (5 polyphonic, note-independent) panning modules for filter output signals, with pan modulation
    • 16 envelope generators (4 are synced multi-breakpoint EGs, similar to “performance modulators” in Massive)
    • 8 mono LFOs, 8 polyphonic LFOs
    • 6 step-sequencers
    • Sample and hold with field source sweepable between 2 LFOs and noise
    • Stunning modulation routing with 20 modulation patchers, 16 with side-chain range-modulation
    • 2-dimensional modulation targeting
    • Full parameter automation and MIDI controller assign
    • 2 chorus processors, dual synced delay and reverb effects
    • Numerous internal (hard-wired) modulation connections
    • Loaded with presets and tutorial examples
    • 4 individual portamento controls for wave-table, Solo 1 2 and FM/Sync
    • “Humanized” vibrato option: adjustment for vertical pitch offset of LFO sweep

New Features:

    • addition of 4 “Interaktor” transposer/sequencer/arpeggiator modules, original design by Chris List
    • addition of polyphonic, recordable “Animator” pad: simultaneous control of up to 67 parameters
    • Animator can be controlled by external MIDI or internal modulators, and is velociity-sensitive
    • Animator control from modulators can be key-independent for constant running
    • addition of Granular and/or Filtered Granular signal to Solo Filters
    • addition of Prophet-type lowpass filters in Solo, Multimode and Noise Filter sections
    • addition of 2 Formant Oscillators in Solo Oscillators section
    • addition of Frequency Modulation of Solo Filters
    • Solo Filters 1 and 2 have parallel/series routing with modulation control
    • additional routing assignment options
    • gate switches to over-rule Interaktor and Arpeggiator gate repetition in LFOs and Envelope Generators
    • better voicing options, including independent unison modes for all sound sources
    • independent “Split” keyboard voicing options for all sound sources
    • many new presets
    • anti-aliasing waveform oscillators in Solo Section
    • specifications may change slightly as upgrades are released