Razor Blades is collection of 62 ultra-high quality patches designed for Reaktor’s Razor Synth. These sounds were all carefully crafted by skilled producer and sound designer Kilomash, the same guy who brought you the best-selling “CRANK” pack for Massive. Inside you will find nothing but brand new, cutting edge sounds geared towards producing all genres of EDM.

RAZOR BLADES contains 62 Patches including:

  • 29 Bass, Growls, Wobbles
  • 12 Lead Synths
  • 7 Special FX
  • 5 Risers
  • 5 Plucks
  • 4 Pads
  • All Drums from Demo

What’s good Producers?????

Kilomash here, back again with another preset pack that I am very proud to present.

As I am sure like many of you, Native Instruments Massive is one of my go-to synths for producing any genre of EDM.

Also, as like many of you, I am sick of hearing the same damn sounds in every song.

Of course, I will always love the Scream Bass, the Flux Formant Lead, and yes even the Modern Talking (not really). But c’mon, it’s time we try and expand our musical pallet.

So I decided to switch it up and design some really powerful patches for a synth that not to many people are familiar with.

Razor is a powerful additive synthesizer, which constructs its sounds from an additive engine consisting of up to 320 partials. It has a safe bass feature, which automatically layers in a sub bass to any sound (awesome for high pitched lazers), and overall sounds much warmer and beefy than most Massive presets I have heard in my day. The best part about using Razor was creating new sounds that nobody has heard yet. As producers we know that one of the most important things is to have your own sound! Razor Blades will help separate you from the rest!