28 Hi quality Phat Stab Presets with one main goal; to go really insane and loud.

This Preset pack contains 28 Phat Presets with one main goal; to go really insane and loud.

In addition to that you get cool FX Presets, some Absynth Side Chain Presets and 50 stereo samples for your Absynth sample library.

The audio preview ‘ Talou Sound – Phat Stabs ‘ is fully produced with Absynth. This means all sounds, drums, reverbs and filter sweeps where made entirely inside the synthesizer, no other fx where used. What you hear is what you get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this Preset pack ensures multiple uses.

Stab Away
All sounds can be dropped straight into your project for a Phat sound! These sounds are perfect for layering over a kick drum or a crash cymbal to give you that impact that you where looking for.
Your listeners are going to pay attention for sure!

Shape the sound to your liking
All Presets have 4 X&Y pads assigned so you can really sculpt the sounds to your own liking and make it fit inside the project you are working on.
The X&Y pads are set up in a convenient way; the first pad is always used to change the “color” of the sound.

Next to that you have one crazy pad, it is meant for experimentation and to find lots of new sounds.
The third X&Y pad is for the filter, it allows you to add more highs or solo the lows. This is also the place to go for crazy wobbling!

The last one is for the “room” and the “width”, this one is perfect to use while mixing and it allows you to place the sound inside your sonic landscape.

Because all X&Y pads are organized in the same manner, they are really easy to work with and great to modulate with your MIDI controller.
You immediately know where to go to when you are looking for a specific change in the sound.

There are two different kinds of Presets contained inside this pack.

The first type is in the familiar Absynth format, they also contain some patches that use the “Audio In” module. You can route any audio you want to these Presets!

The next type is used to load as an FX module; you can even use these on an audio channel!

Again there are great X&Y pads assigned to all the patches, ready for an easy little touch or for insane sound morphing. Freedom and flexibility are the key words here!

50 New Samples
Besides Absynth Presets there are also 50 new samples for you to enjoy.

These are regular stereo audio files of all the Absynth Presets. You can easily throw them inside a sampler, reverse them or do other types of audio processing.

In addition you get some audio files sampled from a “Roland Groovebox”, these are specifically made to layer under the Presets to give you an even fuller sound.

Learn more
When you open the Presets you will see there is a lot of interesting stuff going on, make sure to check out the tricks used, to learn even more about Absynth.
For the purpose of making these presets some really nice new Absynth waveforms have been shaped. Make sure to check out these waves and save them for your own use. This will give you a flying start when you are designing your own Presets!

Absynth is a great synthesizer and this Preset pack will provide you with big Phat sounds!