The saw and super saw are arguably one of the most universally recognized synth sounds in the world.

They are also some of the thickest, richest and most used in any genre of music. Finding that perfect saw or super saw sound isn’t’ as easy though.

That’s where Nothing But Saws for NI Massive comes in.

NBS is the definitive collection of saw and super saw sounds for producers who use Massive.

It comes with huge super saw leads, old school analog sounding basses, rich pads and snappy plucks.

Every preset has at least (if not more) than one oscillator in Massive that is using a saw wave.

So instead of searching through countless sound banks to find that super saw sound your song needs, check out Nothing But Saws.

Here is a breakdown of what’s included:

60 Presets for NI Massive 1.3 or above.
- 15 Bass Presets
- 37 Lead Presets
- 3 Pad Presets
- 5 Plucks
- 25 Bonus drum samples used in the audio demo.
- Every preset has 4-8 macros assigned.”