When writing music and creating quality sounds in your synth it can be hard not to fall into the vortex of making repetitious, monotonous and stagnant noise. How can you avoid this?

Adding evolution to your sounds using modulation is perhaps the best place to start.

Morph – Arps, Mods & Sequences For NI Massive is unlike most Massive preset bundles.

Rather than focusing on a specific genre, the brief for these sounds was to create a collection of tools producers can build upon.

With this in mind we have painstakingly put together 50 NI Massive presets for you to either use out of the box or build your own sounds on top off to take advantage of evolving and rhythmic patterns.

What does this mean? We’ve filled each patch with LFO, Envelope, Stepper or Performer variations and worked on various morphs which you can tweak out with the macro controls. Variation is the key here and each patch has numerous settings to ensure you get the most control from each sound.

The sounds themselves may seem simple (don’t be deceived, they are still ready to rock in your productions!) but that’s because we wanted you to be able to build into them with your own sounds should you see fit.

What do you get in this bundle?

  • - 10 Arps
  • - 10 Bass patterns
  • - 5 Morphing Pluck
  • - 15 Evolving pads
  • - 10 Sequences