* Exclusive to ADSR Only – Melbourne Anthems for NI MASSIVE *

Melbourne Anthems by Echo Sound Works (Who brought you Massive Beast V.1 and EDM Drops V.1) is way more than just a sound set for NI Massive.

It is a complete collection of everything you need to create great sounding Melbourne Bounce.

It even comes with some of the most professional sounding royalty free Acapella’s you have ever heard.

Inspired by some of the biggest names in Melbourne like TJR, Deorro, Will Sparks, Uberjak’d andJoel Fletcher, this set covers a lot of ground.

The sounds will work with a lot more than just Melbourne. There’s a ton of great content for EDM, Electro, House, Dutch and even Progressive.


We wanted to do something no one’s really done before in a Massive soundset. We wanted to create some truly inspirational Acapellas for your productions.

We got to work with Kate Brady, an extremely talented vocalist from Denver, Colorado.

We also know that it can be a pain in the ass to create vocal glitches for your breakdown’s in Melbourne.

That’s why we made 25 Kontakt instruments that make creating glitched vocal melodies easier than ever before.

Bonus material included

BONUS #1 2 Professionally recorded and mixed Acapellas. Both “”WET”" and “”DRY”" These are royalty free and can be used in your own commercial releases. You just have to credit Kate Brady in the song title!

BONUS #2 Every drum and FX sample heard throughout the demo.

BONUS #3 25 MIDI files taken from sections in the demo. You can use them royalty free!

BONUS #4 25 Kontakt Glitched Vocal Patches. A script for Glide was created for every patch.

BONUS #5 1 Tutorial on “”How To Make Melbourne”"

BONUS #6 1 Logic X Session from the demo

Here’s everything you get

⁃ 2 Acapella WAV files
⁃ 175 Massive Presets
⁃ 41 Basses
⁃ 6 EFX
⁃ 40 Melbourne Leads
⁃ 24 Leads (These will work with almost every genre of EDM)
⁃ 5 Pads
⁃ 13 Plucks
⁃ 33 Synths (Again, these will work with most genres of EDM)
⁃ 65 Drum/FX Samples
⁃ 20 MIDI Melodies
⁃ 25 Kontakt Instrument Patches
⁃ 1 Video Tutorial on How To Make Melbourne (this is via a private link to YouTube
- 1 Logic X Session from the demo)