Massive Soundscape

50 Ambient NI Massive Presets for a full and colorful production by Talou Sound.

The audio preview of ‘ Massive Soundscape ‘ is just one instance of Massive, one preset at a time. This means that by adding external FX you can take this even further, just imagine the sounds you can get!

The high quality synthesis and sound design involved in making this preset pack ensures multiple uses.

You can either use the sounds in the background, which will make your production thick and give it that overall feel and emotion. Or you can use them as leads and the main foundation of your music. The presets are all fine-tuned and ready to be dropped straight into your productions.

Learn more. When you open the presets you will see there is a lot of interesting stuff going on, this way you can learn how to make full colorful patches yourself. The presets are filled with refreshing synthesis tricks and great ideas to use straight out of the box, or to explore further.

Another addition to this are the 8 macro’s that are mapped to interesting controls in every preset. This provides you with a crazy amount of freedom and unique sounds right there at your fingertips. You might, for example, want the same sound but without the filter modulation. This is the point where the macro’s come in handy.

Massive is a great synth and this preset pack will not only give you more knowledge about synthesizers in general. It provides you with a pallet of warm colors to professionally enhance your productions.

Talou Sound