The Dubstep Pallet 2 : Aggressive Dubstep Basses, Modulated Leads, Sizzling FX, Stabbing Organs and Plucks.

Get 52 original sounding dubstep presets that put the power of the pro’s in your hands.

WARNING: This pack is seriously aggressive and not for the faint of heart. Each sound is specifically designed to shock your audience and leave them with a fresh and new but lasting impression.

This package is geared towards producers making Dubstep and Electro house but if your anyone looking for huge slamming sounds to add to your tracks this is also the pack for you.

This pack is inspired by Skrillex, Kill the Noise, Pegboard Nerds, Nero, Knife Party, Zomboy and artists that are simply dropping the bass hammer.

Every patch but 2 (which are FX and only need a few macros assigned to them) have all 8 macros assigned to different perimeters in Massive to give you full control over the sounds. Though every preset is setup so that they sound amazing right out of the box without you even having to touch a single macro control. I wanted to make sure that for those of you that don’t get too deep into macro modulation, know that you can still purchase this sound pack and use it without having to change any perimeters.

What comes in the soundpack?

  • Bass – 41
  • FX – 7
  • Leads – 3
  • Organ – 1
  • Pluck – 1

Bonus Items!

  • Video walk through of the demo – 1 fifteen min video
  • Abelton Live session for the demo track – 1 with midi and modulated macro controls

If you do have a chance, please take some time to watch the video walk trough of the presets used in the demo track below. This tutorial takes an in inside look at the 16 sounds used in the demo track. This is to give you a good look at the sounds without them being played in song format so you can further determine if this is the right sound pack for you. We hear each sound in the sound pack on solo so you can get an idea of exactly what your buying.

For the buyers consideration: I have also included the Abelton Live session for the demo track with the soundpack. This way you can see how I used the presets in the demo track so you can use some of the midi or techniques I used.

All the sounds you hear in the demo video are as is in Massive. There are no 3rd party plugins. I did use some compression and side-chain on the tracks so to not have crazy dynamic range changes throughout the song. But all in all, what you hear is what you get and it is all covered in the video walk through.