Harmonic Geometry contains 64 patches for Reaktor Prism, including fantasy plucked, bowed and blown instruments, basses, pads and synths perfect for setting a mellow or mysterious mood in your tracks.

This soundset is compatible with both Reaktor and Reaktor Player, the full version of Prism as well as the free Mikro Prism.

About the Producer:

Bryan ‘Xenos’ Lee has worked as a sound designer for such companies as Native Instruments, Cakewalk, Rop Papen Inspiration Soundware, ReFX, Camel Audio, Image-Line and many more. His work is found in the factory presets of such synths as Z3ta 2, Alchemy, Gladiator, Punch, Toxic Biohazard, Scanned Synth Pro 2, Chipsounds, DCAM Synth Squad, D.I.V.A., etc. He is also very active in developing his own brand, Xenos Soundworks.

Patch List

AT Haunted Tunnels
AT Intergalactic Voyage
AT Shaman’s Visions
BA Analog-ish
BA Chilled Sub
BA Fingered Bass
BA Funky Pick Bass
BA Hammered 4-String
BA Primus Bass
BA Rebound Sub
BA Sepia Hue
BA Superstitious
BA Vulcan Bass
BL Arabian Reeds
BL Avant Garde Flute
BL Snake Charmer
BL Tenor Reeds
BW Emperor’s Fiddle
BW Ethnic Cello
BW Ghostly Fiddle
BW Scrapyard Bass
DR Tribal Drums
FX Doofus
FX Dub Birds
FX Huge Metal Pole
HM Apocalypse Chimes
HM Asian Dulcimer
HM Digital Bells
HM Gothic Bells
HM Koan
HM Tribal Xylophone
HM Zen Priest
KB Lo-Fi Piano
KB Mellow Rhodes
LD Butter Flavor
LD Electroplucks
LD Neo Retro
LD Plastic Brass
PD Amber Trichomes
PD Android Choir
PD Beautiful Drone
PD Bliss
PD Cadmium
PD Coral Reef
PD Halloween
PD Nightcap
PD Ripples
PD Scraped Pipes
PD Shimmering Light
PD Sixth Chakra
PL Chinese Lute
PL Evening Raga
PL Medival Lute
PL Oud
PL Rustic Lute
PL Southern Rock
SY Acid Raindrops
SY Autumn Mist
SY Dissonant Chord Hits
SY Krazy Keyz
SY Morning Frost
SY Ninja Raver
SY Peppermint