As one of the founding sounds of dance music, Deep House has always been a massive authority in the EDM world and has influenced many artist and record labels across the globe.

With our brand-new Deep House Superpack we’ve decided to bring the best of both worlds by combining the original old-school and the more modern sounds of Deep House.

By including a hefty amount of 729 high-quality samples with everything from Bass, Drums, Synths, FX, and even some vocal samples our Deep House Superpack is definitely one for the books!


  • 15 Bass Loops
  • 80 One Shots


43 Drum loops
16 Claps
14 Crashes
16 Closed Hi-Hats
12 Open Hi-Hats
19 Analog Kicks
22 Layered Kicks
25 Assorted Percussion Samples
17 Conga Samples
20 Reverbed Percussion Samples
22 Snares
Sound FX
10 Sound Effects
Mid Synths
28 Mid Loops
336 One Shot Chords
Vocal Samples
10 Female Vocal Samples
24 Vocoder Samples

Total: 729 Samples

Please Note: All Samples are in WAV. format – 24bit – 44.100khz