These patches are aimed at producers and composers who require fresh and dynamic sounds for their projects. They are perfect for atmospheric dubstep, dark ambient and hybrid electronic film scoring, but are flexible enough to fit in any genre.

If you’re looking to add depth, dirt or drive to your tracks, this sound set will provide endless inspiration and possibilities.

Growling and throbbing basslines, dynamic and sonorous leads, sumptuous and epic pads, rich and evolving soundscapes. These sounds take you on a journey from sweaty, laser-lit clubs, across exotic urban vistas and out into the farthest reaches of space.

Think Skrillex meets Bladerunner, with a hint of Brian Eno.

Each of the carefully crafted sounds (except for some of the sfx) has a number of dedicated macros that lift, twist and destroy the original sounds until something quite new and beautiful emerges. These are perfect for on-the-fly editing and live use.

Aggressive or subtle, engaging or bleak, digital or analogue – this soundset provides essential tools for thudding club sounds, beautiful sonic landscapes and contemporary cinematic scoring.