Discover the exact neuro bass sound design techniques the pros are using

In this course from BassGorilla you’ll see not one or two, but 10 neuro bass sound design techniques.

These techniques were shared with him by Disprove, Ordure, Kursa, Skope, MakO and other producers.

If you’re really serious about advancing your skills for making Neuro music and discovering the exact hidden techniques of the top producers, how much would you estimate that investment to be worth?

“Hey, man! I just picked up your latest course. It’s quite the breath of fresh air! The subtle touches are gold. Your tip with getting a straight line on your spectrum analyzer (from sub to top) is helping me make some serious improvements.

Patrick Charles-Lundaahl

Create Mind Blowing Neuro Basses Of Your Own!

Learning About Neuro Sound Design

Making real neuro bass sounds is all about understanding each step behind a sound.

This 54 video course is a complete walkthrough – each processing technique is perfectly explained.

You’ll learn how to create tons of sounds, and not only how to layer them but also how to make them sound good in your mix, which is really important.

Definitely worth it if you want to master those crazy neuro sounds!

Why this BassGorilla video course?

Consider this – Imagine the directions you’ll be able to take your music in after you understand a wide range of techniques used by some of the best neurohop and neurofunk producers around today.

In this course you’ll see not one or two, but 10 neuro bass sound design techniques.

These techniques were shared with me by Disprove, Ordure, Kursa, Skope, MakO and other producers… And now i’m going to share them with YOU.

The problem with Learning Neuro Music

The problem is, these sounds are incredibly complex and difficult to make.

To make matters worse, many of the top producers want to keep their techniques a secret, so many of them are unwilling to share their knowledge.

If you want to discover exactly how to make these sounds, there is a severe lack of resources available.

Sure there’s a few decent tutorials on Youtube, but most of them are very low quality, without any explanations (or even a voice talking to you!), often with pretty poor results.

So how are you supposed to find out how to make these amazing, morphing bass sounds?

I get messages every day from people on Youtube, by email and on Facebook asking me to ‘do a tutorial on how to make this bass sound’ or ‘how does (producer name) make his basses?’

In this course I reveal all the answers.

What’s included in the course


  • 54 high quality tutorial videos
  • 10 different bass sound design techniques
  • Proven techniques used by top neuro producers
  • Step by step guidance on exactly how to create each bass
  • Learn at your own pace – Download and keep forever

VST’s and plugin’s used in this course

The course has been designed to be as DAW-independent as possible.

The idea of this course is to help you understand the concepts, so that you can create your own unique sounds, so if you have a different DAW/different plugins, don’t worry.

Imagine The Possibilities

With this knowledge, you’ll be in a very powerful position with your music production skills.

Imagine if your sound design abilities increase by 20, 40, even 60%…

With a little time and effort to evolve these techniques and discover your own sounds, imagine what damage you could do… get your music signed by top labels, see it climb the charts on Beatport, see your followers on Soundcloud and Facebook explode – all real possibilities if you can take your skills to that level.

I believe this course will provide you with the techniques to be able to do that, along with some dedication and hard work to producing quality music.

BassGorilla (Luke)