Design Your Own FX In FM8 – Uplifters, downlifters, sweeps and impacts

Having the opportunity to see someone else’s workflow in song creation can be priceless!

In this 4 part mini series, we learn how to design our own FX in FM8.

This series looks at using FM8 to create your own down lifters, uplifters, sweeps and impacts.

These videos explore some ideas and methods that are easy to implement with this awesome synth and hopefully sheds a little light on some things you can do differently to help improve your instruments and your sound design sessions within FM8.

Thanks for the awesome tutorial. Organized, to the point, beautifully explanatory.

Andres Leguizamon

A great addition to any sound effect arsenal!

Uplifters, Impacts and Sweeps

Videos 1 and 2 of this mini series on designing EFX in FM8 focus on how to create a pitch rise uplifter and a shiny sweep. Perfect sounds to use just before a drop! You’ll learn:

  • How to shape your envelopes for the perfect effect
  • How to program a pitch rise in FM8
  • Using temp synced envelopes
  • Which filters to use and how to set up a perfect sweep
  • Which operators to use and how to set them up

Down and uplifters and special effects

In videos 3 and 4 we’re looking at creating an uplifter and downlifter with a healthy dose of tension and interest to really bring your tracks to life. The final video walks us through using multiple sounds and effects to create a lush effect. You’ll learn:

  • Sound Design with the FX Matrix
  • Modulation settings for EFX in FM8
  • How to layer sounds and evolve with modulation
  • Keep your sounds alive with modulation and efx tricks
  • Using Key Scaling and LFO’s to your advantage

Micro Series for FM8

FM8′s strength is the incredible variety of tools at your disposal to bend, shape and sculpt sound.

As in many things in life, FM8′s strength is also its weakness.

There are almost TOO MANY choices in FM8. Even experienced producers can get stuck deciding which path to take…

That’s why our FM8 micro courses are so valuable. In under an hour you’ll learn the building blocks of sound design in FM8.

And this EFX In FM8 has been yet another great series by Jonny Strinati, who always delivers clear and concise lessons that are easily understood regardless of experience level with synthesis. Jump into this lesson now and improve your music today!

” Epic Bro… Simply Epic…

- Cinema35R