Want to learn how to make Deep, dubby techno?

DFRNT shows you his production methods.

Let DFRNT take you through his production methods.

Helping you build a synth sound in Native Instruments Massive, and produce an entire track, from processing and sidechaining pads and sounds to adding vocals, tweaking the mix and arranging the track.

Quite brilliant. Your work flow is clear and transparent. Really appreciate the insights. Great sounds and good descriptions of the settings. Best hour I’ve spent at work in a bit. Well worth the money.

John E

Learn How To Make Deep, Spacious and Ambient Chords

Creating A Synth In Massive

The first video covers the creation of a deep dub-techno synth sound in Massive. This versatile VST synth from Native Instruments provides a great basis for dub-techno sounds.

DFRNT shows you his creation methods and how he puts together the sounds from a basic chord, plus reverb, delay, filtering and assigning velocity control. You’ll learn:

  • Creating a new synth in Massive
  • Selecting an appropriate wavetable
  • Simple filtering of the sound
  • Simple effects like reverb and delay
  • Working with envelopes to mould the sound

Working With Pads

In the second part, DFRNT takes you through working with pads, and delves a little more in to his track creation methods.

This involves editing his original synth sound, converting it to a pad, sidechaining it and adding a few more effects to the rack. You’ll discover:

  • Explaining the other tracks in the project
  • Adding effects to the pad track
  • Altering the midi sequences for a pad
  • Sidechaining from the kick drum
  • Ordering effects in the rack

Bonus Items – Ableton File & Bonus sounds!

Not only do you get an hour of video tutorials, and 30 Massive patches to use, but DFRNT has included the Ableton Live project file from the tutorial so you can jump in and get your hands dirty with the track you have just seen him create.

Take a listen to the sounds!

Complete with effects chains, samples, midi sequences and rendered down audio from VSTs, everything is there for you to piece together and take apart the demonstration track from the video.

Vocals and Samples

Part 3 is where DFRNT starts to work in vocals and samples.

Covering things like warping, pitch control, grouping effects, volume levels and noise layers. What you’ll learn:

  • Adding a vocal track
  • Stretching and looping the vocal
  • Adding and grouping vocal effects
  • Tuning samples and using Ableton Live’s Sampler
  • Duplicating effects across channels vs return tracks

Arranging & Mixing

Part 4 covers Arranging your track and mixing the track down.

See how working in clip view can allow you to build up patterns and loops, then record them in to timeline view. From there, learn about automation, transitions, and then looking at a spectrum analyser to find out if any sounds are peaking.

  • Duplicating loop variations
  • Recording in to timeline view
  • Editing in timeline view
  • Adding automation envelopes
  • Spectrum analysers for checking levels and peaks


DFRNT (real name Alex Cowles) is a music producer, DJ and designer. He produces deep dub-techno, house, bass, chill-out and electronic music. His DJ sets are best described as deep, but danceable.

Check out DFRNT’s Soundcloud to hear his productions – https://soundcloud.com/dfrnt

DFRNT hosts the fortnightly Insight podcast where he showcases music that he enjoys.

He also runs the Echodub label putting out select releases from a variety of producers. DFRNT’s latest project is Cut. A netlabel specialising in free music done properly.

Alex also writes the SittingOvation blog, a regularly updated site focusing on the best of deeper dubstep, bass, dub-techno and electronic music downloads, reviews, mixes, tutorials, events and articles.

Born in Edinburgh, Scotland, Alex recently relocated to Riga, Latvia, where he lives now.

To date, DFRNT has played on the same bill as Scuba, Sepalcure, Author, Ital Tek, Arkist, Distal, Jeff Mills, Julio Bashmore, Oneman, Synkro, Kahn, Joker, Dorian Concept, Africa Hitech, Harmonic 313, Rob Sparx, Ruckspin, Indigo, Forsaken and Teeth to name a few.

His DJing has also taken him to Boston, Burlington, NYC, Philly, Baltimore, Washington DC, Orlando, Puerto Rico, San Francisco, Portland, Belgium, Poland, Italy and all over the UK.