Audio Compression Techniques

Learn to use compression to tighten, add detail, punch and space to your mix

Having the opportunity to see someone else’s workflow in song creation can be priceless!

In this audio compression techniques course, SoundMagus shows you everything you need to be able to use compression to tighten, add detail, punch and space to your mix.

Learn how to tighten, add punch and space to your mix

What you will learn

In the Audio Compression Techniques Course Soundmagus covers everything from basic compression (where you learn the fundamental principles of audio compression techniques) to how to use multi-band compression on your final mix down.

The basic techniques covered are as follows:

  • Threshold
  • Ratio
  • Attack
  • Release
  • Make-up gain

We then move on to show you how to use these audio compression parameters on sounds like drums and bass.

This will help you to get a wayward sound to sit correctly in the mix.

We show you things like parallel compression (N.Y. compression) for giving your drums extreme punch. Side-chain compression, the old favourite, is fully covered.

You are shown how to use an audio compressor on a group bus for both drums and kick/bass group. There are videos covering multi-band compression.

This is normally used in the mastering arena and is shown being used on a finished (mixed down) track.

Master The Art Of Compression

This course is over two hours long, and covers the majority of scenarios in which you will need to use audio compression techniques.

The course consists of the following videos:

  • Basic Audio Compression Techniques: Covers the basics of compression including threshold, ratio, make-up gain, attack and release.
  • Drum Compression: Teaches you how to compress the four basic drum hits; kick, snare, open hi-hat and closed hi-hat.
  • Parallel Compression: Also known as NY Compression. This video teaches you how to accomplish this type of audio compression in several ways.
  • Loop Compression: This video details how to compress a drum loop to make it fit with the rest of your drum mix.
  • Bass Compression: Shows you how to tame a bass part with compression.
  • Group Compression: In this video we cover the use of a compressor on a group bus, to gel sounds together.
  • Kick & Bass Compression: This covers using audio compression techniques on a group bus with the kick and bass to assist in the cohesion of the two most important sounds in your tracks.
  • Side-Chain Compression: Covers the VST-3 method of side-chaining (other methods covered in the Side-chaining Extras video).
  • Limiting: Yes a limiter is a compressor! This videos shows the differences and similarities and when to use one.
  • Ducking: The classic broadcast radio technique for ducking vocals.
  • Multi-Band Compression: Using an MB Compressor in the final stages of music production can be an extremely useful tool, how to do it is shown here in this video.
  • Compression Extras
  • Side-chaining Extras
  • If Audio compression is a tool you wish to improve your skills on, then the Audio Compression Techniques Course is a must have.

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